2020 changed the world, one thing we’re all quite accustomed to now is video calls. Like so many other facets of our — particularly digital — lives, there’s a lot of options for video calls. Google Meet has entered the market, without the impact of some other — Zoom and MS Teams in particular — options. As it develops and evolves, more features are being added and now we’re seeing a tiled view soon to come to Android mobile devices.

This brings Meet into line with the likes of the aforementioned offerings. When you’re meeting in a virtual space, being able to see a number of your colleagues simultaneously makes the experience more “human”. The ease of video meetings is set to increase over time whether you’re in the Google space or otherwise. Consider the integration of Meet into Google workspace, more features being added and more to come; it’s pretty clear that our future remains online.

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I don’t understand why Google would bring new features for most of their apps to iOS first rather than their own OS?