Target is evidently the place to be to get yourself some low-priced technological goodness. For only $299 you can get yourself a HTC Wildfire + bonus Car Charger, 2 Protectors & a Screen Protector. Target says this is normally valued at $348, but they’re willing to pass it on to you for this low price, however this deal isn’t going to last forever (2 weeks), so head down to your local Target if you want one.

If you’re a bit edgy as to whether or not you want one, feel free to check out Chris’ review.

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Anyone know if it’s available unlocked to Telstra?


dick smith has these for 299


I did see a few in the Adelaide city store yesterday and noticed that it seem Telstra must have reduced the phone everywhere to the $299 price at least for the week. You do not however get these ‘bonus’ items that Target is offering as far as I could see.


Anyone actually get one from Target?
We went to our local store, which had sold all 4 (if they really had any),
and it doesn’t look like they are getting any more stock!


The 320 x 420 res on the motorola is acceptable, and the voice call sound quality was better, but the user interface was ordinary in comparison to the wildfire.


I just forked out $349 for one, and why dose the the price of beer go up and down. Oh! The pearl’s of consumerism.


Shame it’s got such an average screen. QVGA is just unforgivable on a modern Android device.

Gary W

That’s a subjective matter. Some people prefer portability (and enhanced battery life) over screen size.


*screen resolution, not size.

Gary W

Yes Tomas, screen size in pixels rather than inches/cm.

Gary W

Good point! Notice to OEMs, telcos, vendors: I am not buying any Android device which doesn’t SHIP with the LATEST Android!


This is a great price for the phone but the question are the other phones around this price better? Do we know if this will ever get 2.2 as the Huawei IDEOS might be the better option?