We already let you know in a previous post that the Galaxy Tab would be hitting shelves on November 8th, but now it’s official with Samsung sending out the all important press release. Within the release Samsung confirms the incredible and over-the-top $999 price tag, that is of course without Carrier subsidies, and the inclusion The Australian, NAVIGON and Need For Speed SHIFT, which will no doubt be a bit of a hit amongst gamers. From the looks of these 3 pre-installed apps, Samsung is certainly trying to cover all bases. But is it enough to entice you?

We’re hoping to hear more information from all the major Telcos as to what their pricing will be. Press release after the break.

Samsung GALAXY Tab to Arrive in Australian Stores Early November

Exclusive app deals announced for Samsung’s first tablet device – the Samsung GALAXY Tab

SYDNEY, Australia – November 2, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Australia is today announcing the Samsung GALAXY Tab will be available for purchase in Australia from week commencing 8th November. Samsung’s first tablet device will feature an impressive portfolio of preloaded apps for customers from launch. With an RRP of $999, the Samsung GALAXY Tab will be available at retailers nationally, and through all major mobile carriers on a variety of cap plans.

To complement the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s portable seven inch display, Samsung is offering premium turn-by-turn navigation by NAVIGON[1], a two month trial of The Australian news application[2] and Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed™ SHIFT game[3]. Customers will also be able to enjoy international and Australian e-reading with 1,600 newspapers, 2,500 magazines and two million e-books available through Samsung Readers Hub[4].

“Samsung is committed to providing compelling Australian apps with the Samsung GALAXY Tab, so whether you’re a news junkie, gaming fanatic, keen traveller or avid reader, our tablet device offers a wealth of portable entertainment,” said Tyler McGee, Vice President of Telecommunications, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Research shows that of Australians intending to purchase a tablet device, 64% of them intend to use it for navigation and e-reading applications, 73% for consuming news and 74% for gaming[5]. We believe the size of the Samsung GALAXY Tab will be key in satisfying these consumer needs.”

Premium turn-by-turn navigation by NAVIGON
The Samsung GALAXY Tab will transform into a premium, turn-by-turn navigation device, courtesy of NAVIGON1. Using preloaded Australian and New Zealand maps from NAVTEQ, NAVIGON delivers 2D and 3D map views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, drive and walk modes and intelligent address search. In addition, the app features Reality View Pro for photo-realistic displays of directions and Google Local Search for the most up to date point of interest search results.

“Navigation is already one of the most popular and demanded functions for smartphones,” said Gerhard Mayr, Vice-President Worldwide Mobile Phones at NAVIGON. “With the new GALAXY Tab, Samsung takes mobile navigation to the next level, combining portable tablet display size and performing power with NAVIGON’s award winning and unique navigation software.”

Samsung genuine brand car kits for the Samsung GALAXY Tab will be sold separately and should be used for in-car navigation.

Instant access to breaking news with The Australian news application
For customers seeking to stay constantly abreast of breaking news, Samsung GALAXY Tab provides them with an exclusive free two month introductory trial2 of The Australian news application. The app, which has been specifically designed for the Samsung GALAXY Tab, features The Australian’s local and global news and analysis, vibrant photography, page-by-page and sectional navigation and fully integrated advertising. Updated regularly through the day, the app allows readers to access The Australian content including News, Opinion, National Affairs, World News, Features, Business, Australian IT and Sport.

Dynamic gaming with EA’s Need For Speed SHIFT
Customers who purchase a Samsung GALAXY Tab can download for free3 from Samsung Apps the full Need For Speed SHIFT game from Electronic Arts. An award winning racing game, Need For Speed SHIFT combines true driver simulations with real world physics to create an addictive gaming experience. When combined with the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s striking seven inch display, you’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of a high-end performance car.

Samsung Readers Hub: Millions of e-reading materials in the palm of your hand
Samsung Readers Hub, available on the Samsung GALAXY Tab, provides access to an ever increasing library of free and paid international and Australian e-reading content, comprising at present 1,600 newspapers in 47 languages, 2,500 global magazines in 25 languages and two million e-books4. The Samsung GALAXY Tab provides a unified and intuitive user experience powered by global e-reading service leaders, including NewspaperDirect, Zinio and Kobo. Easily held in the palm of your hand, and weighing only 385 grams, the Samsung GALAXY Tab provides the perfect avenue for your reading escape.

Source: Gizmodo Australia.
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james (bunnbash)

this price is crazy…

you can’t enter the market 2nd, with an already DOMINANT device and price yourselves way higher…

Gary W

Kudos for shipping with 2.2, but once again I see no OS roadmap. I guess a tablet that can do calls is a bit innovative, but if they are going to waste my storage with useless games and Newscorpse propaganda, I’d want a discount. A COMPELLING discount.

Dell Streak is a better deal. Just about everything is a much better deal, unless you need a large Android tablet which does calls. I don’t think there are enough of those people to make this a market leader.


i cant see why it is $400 more than it is in the USA?


Well, I guess if they don’t sell many the price will come down pretty quick and then y’all who thought it was too expensive can buy one. But by then something better might be out but may be too expensive as well and round and round we go….

Okay then, who apart from me would get it on a Cap Plan?? I would be happy to get it on a $59 Cap with 2 GB data & $200 worth of calls and text – which would mostly go toward SMS.


I’d get it on a $59 cap. at least 2gb data


I decided to buy a tablet over a laptop because it is all I need, also I like laying on the the lounge or bed with it wiliest watching tv. I spent $1700 on a computer 7 year’s ago just so I could surf the web, That’s why I put off buying a computer in the ninety’s it was a lot of money for something I really was not interested in, but these days computer’s are common place in the home. $1000 this time round is not to bad.


what a stupid price, samsung are usually known for being spot on in their price points for their product, clearly they think they can gouge in this case but I hate to tell them how completely wrong they are!


Really? $1k? Can it make me sandwiches?


Hmm, then you add design, development, marketing, taxes, duties, then you have the cost of running a company, employees taxes, superannuation, healthcare, benefits, the cost of buildings where these people work, etc, etc. The parts are not the major cost. It’s the associated costs of running a multinational company. I’m just thankful that there are people in the world that have the guts to take a risk, investing millions (not knowing if they will get their money back) on a new product, especially in the usa where they have taken massive financial losses and people have lost jobs & homes.… Read more »


Depends on what strategy they are pursuing. It’s not always as simple as you suggest. Again it’s taking a look at the bigger picture.

Having said that I’m not interested in this at all.


Innovation isn’t cheap guys. Just look at the outright prices of the very best & latest mobiles on the market. The Desire HD Mobicity ad on this page has it for $899 with a measly 1.5 GB internal storage. The Tab has 16 GB!

This is why you get your mobiles on a Cap plan if you can’t afford the outright price. Companies like Samsung take a risk and spend millions making and releasing a product like this. If they sell their products for a price like some I’ve read on tech blogs they wont be in business for long.


if they priced it <600 it would sell heaps


Atleast they stepped up with a tablet. Heaps of manufacturers said they were going to make one and look what we have to show for it.


How they can price this at more than the base iPad with 3G (AU$799) and keep a straight face, I don’t know.

Ogen Info

Blimey, talk about expensive! I could buy a very good lightweight windows laptop for that.


Just gets better and better. But these words excite me the most “through all major mobile carriers on a variety of cap plans.” Bring the Options, yeah!