This little device seems to have slipped through onto Optus’s site pretty much unnoticed, well at least to us anyway. For some unbelievable reason this 3.2″ low-spec device is available on Optus’s $49 cap for $0 upfront, though more reasonably on the $19 cap with $5 monthly repayments. The Galaxy 580 is another variation of the Galaxy 5 that is currently available on Telstra Prepaid for only $199 and has the following specs.

  • 3.2″ 16M Capacitive Display
  • 240×400 pixels
  • 3MP Auto-focus Camera
  • QVGA Video Recording
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • HSPA 900/2100MHz

Just another phone released by Samsung to allow them to have their hand in every part of the Android mobile market. The real question is whether it suits you, personally, I think it’s a bit pricey.

Source: Optus.
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The 580 IS the galaxy 3, the galaxy 5 has less cpu, screen size etc so is not as good overall… Is $329 too pricey? I thought for outright and unlocked it was ok…


This is actually the sames as the Galaxy 3, not 5… but i agree the pricing is stupid.


maybe an optimus on a 19 virgin, but not sure. There is two on 29 thou: optimus one, the galaxy 580 is $2/mth on an optus $29 I think.


Are there any androids on a $19 a month plan?


Well sometimes people want specific characteristics of a phone, ie. the size of the 580 over the galaxy s, and are happy to go on a 49 plan because they need the included value. I had a customer get a $239 phone on a 59 cap, he knew it’s outright price but was more than happy to sign up anyway…


No Way!! 😛

Philip Rhoades P

My wife got a Galaxy S on the $49 cap, can anyone tell me WTF would you get one of these for the same price?
It seems like the carriers are offering a whole range of Android phones, from the low spec to the high spec .. at the same price!


yeh its ridiculous


don’t understand why you would get this when you can get the optimus 1 for the same price


Had a go of one, $329 unlocked. Not bad, runs smooth, no galaxy s but good for someone wanting a smaller device running android.


Its also in the latest Telechoice catalogue, saw it a couple of days ago. Thought the “reverse chin” on it looked rather ugly.


galaxy s also has the chin