LG have just let me know that themselves and Optus have put together a little Christmas deal for all new customers getting the LG Optimus One which happily runs Android 2.2 with a 3.2″ capacitive display. The Optimus One is available for $0 upfront on the $29 Optus cap, and they’ll throw in a free GPS Kit (like Telechoice do) with added N-Drive GPS pre-installed, which seems a little redundant now doesn’t it? Either way it’s a pretty good deal for a fairly nice mid-range Android device, I mean they have sold 1,000,000+ Optimus One’s worldwide.

Head to your local ‘yes’ Optus store to check one out for yourself.

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That pack has been with it since day one, it’s LG bundling it, not the carriers.

If you had signed up with Optus and NOT got that pack you’d be a bit shitty.


convinced my sis to get one of these on virgin last week, so far its been really impressive, besides any graphic intensive games make it chugg. Also i’m pretty sure they all come with the car dock 🙂


I am guessing this bonus is only for contracts not outright? I am looking at getting this phone as it does seem the best mix of features for the price this is unless the Wildfire were to get Froyo and even then this is probably just ahead. With this in mind I am not surprised at all that is has sold that many.


replying to my own question I went into 2 Optus shops the first one suggested you can’t get any of their contracted phones out right which is incorrect and he knew nothing about the bonus. I went to a different store and the person I talk to seemed to know a lot more and happily told me it is both available outright for the $349 outright and found said that the bundled extras came with the phone irrespective of how you purchased the phone.