Google are set to host a media event showcasing all the sweet & delicious features of their next iteration of Android, Honeycomb. The event will take place on the 2nd of February (3rd for us, at 5am) and will be live streamed over YouTube at The invite above specifies “Demos” which will hopefully mean there will be a few Motorola XOOMs and such for people their to play with and tell the world about. Colour us excited!

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HM Sathish

Unfortunately I missed the google’s event. Please let me know for the upcoming events.


*sleeping* 🙂
but im sure buzz will keep us up to date

Lucas Burnett

*also raises hand*


Who here’s gonna get up to watch it?

Android Development

That’s great. Looking forward for Android Honeycomb event video. Also would love to read your views about Honeycomb after this event. Thanks for posting.


k. then i will start dreaming about the honeycomb update for my Dell streak 🙂


one stupid question:
will the honeycomb OS lets you make GSM calls????
as it is designed for tablets. i know there are posts saying that it is also for phones but not sure when our phones will be updated to gingerbread and then to honeycomb 🙁


It’s for high end phones aswell, and the Galaxy Tab can make calls, i believe?