Google has been slowly chipping away at the Android Market Web Store to try to make it a little better each day. Their latest addition to the store is a more detailed view of User Review statistics, that let you see just how many 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-star ratings the app your viewing has received by users who have already tried out the application. It then gives the app a rating out of 5; in the case of Pulse News (pic above) it’s 4.4 stars out of 26,000+ ratings. It’s these little additions to the Store that we love. Keep it up Google.

Source: Android Market.
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    I agree Buzz, these little touches make our decisions (to install an app or not) easier and it helps add to the professionalism of the Android platform. People coming from iOS are often looking specifically at these types of things to determine whether they will move or not.


    Not that anyone cares anyway.

    It’s a good addition as for my part, I like to see break down in ratings when buying products. It helps to know that you are buying/installing a good and reliable product.

    Julian Pinget

    i dreaded the day that first-trolls would find this site

    the end is upon us


    Congratulations you were first at posting second. That’s an achievement you can be proud of.