Today Facebook launched their new version of Facebook for Android. The new version (v1.6) which we talked about a couple of weeks ago brings access to pages, improvements to the news feed and, finally, the ability to upload videos directly via the app. All of these are welcome additions to the ever-improving app, however when I searched for the app on my Galaxy Tab 10.1v it wouldn’t come up in the Android Market; when I tried on the Android Market Web Store it told me Facebook for Android is not compatible.

Surely this means Facebook knows their app crashes on Honeycomb devices and they need to create a specific app or better develop the existing app to work on Honeycomb devices. Either way, Facebook will cop some flak from this decision.

Source: Android Market.
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    This is a bit pants. Not only is 1.6 not availab le for Honeycomb – effectively Facebook is now not available in the marketplace for Honeycomb as they’ve not left up the older versions. 

    If you’re new to tabletting (as of the 1.6 update) you’re going to be screwed, Facebook-wise until they sort this out.


    WHY no honeycomb LOVE!!!?


    It’s a joke..for Facebook to be the size that they are and they can’t update regularly, let bugs go on for weeks if not months and can’t implement all the features of their site.  Nevermind Honeycomb support. I read in another article a good point – why wasn’t the app feature complete at launch?  Honestly.. it’s FACEBOOK.  Spend some money.  Remember the Facebook developer blaming Google for his apps problems?  That’s his JOB.. if there are problems he’s supposed to work around them no go and whinge to some journalists. The saving grace is.. the mobile site works perfectly.Don’t worry… Read more »


    i was able to access pages on my iPhone easy enough. Could search them and go to them, but why not on Android


    via the app or the web browser? Whatever you can do in the browser on the iBone you can do on android…. The apps are a different story sadly


    Access to pages would be fantastic. I am yet to find an app or even a desktop social media tool that gives you the ability to post via your FB page rather than your personal profile. How can this be so hard to do?

    Julian Pinget

    I have had a few FCs on my sgs 2

    Maybe this will be the much desired reason to finally kick the habit!

    Christopher Salmon

    But Honeycomb users can just use the browser, right?

    Buzz Moody

    Correct. An app would be nice though.


    I hope they come out with a good honeycomb app and widget


    i installed this morning SGSII and cannot see a way to actively type in a page and go to it