HTC’s elusive 10-inch Honeycomb tablet has recently passed through the FCC over in the states and has shown off a few of its radio frequencies as well as the blueprint above. The 10-inch tablet — that will no doubt run the shocking looking Sense UI for tablets we wrote about a few months back — will run on 850MHz 3G and since it’s in the FCC over in the US of A, that means it’s headed to AT&T and if imported here, could run on Telstra NextG or Vodafone’s new 850MHz 3G network. But what is interesting about the “Puccini” (codename) is that it supports LTE Bands 4 and 17 (~1700-2100MHz and ~700MHz respectively) which is spot on with Optus’ upcoming 700MHz LTE network and Telstra & Vodafone’s 1800MHz LTE networks; all of which are expected to be up and running by the year’s end.

I don’t know a hell of a lot about LTE (time to do some research) but it would be interesting if HTC’s tablet was one of the first Android tablets to run on an Australian LTE network. There’s no release date on the “Puccini”, though a late-winter date has been thrown around.

Source: Engadget.
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Another correction
LTE Bands 4 is not 1700mhz-2100mhz. It doesnt even support the normal 1800mhz that is used in Aus. Its band 4 which is AWSThe AWS is uploads from 1710mhz–1755mhz and downloads in 2110mhz–2155mhz
Thats where the 1700-2100 comes from

The paired 1800 bands in aus are 1710-1755/1805-1850(licences run from 1998-2013)
The second Paired band is 1755-1785/1850-1880(licences run from 2000-2015)

AWS is like a combination of one band from 1800 and one from 2100


uummmmh, optus isnt planing on launching an LTE network any time soon. they are preferring to sit on their hands and wait. When they do launch their LTE network in the 700mhz frequency, voda n telstra would have run their LTE networks in 1800 for over a year/years. This is because both Telstra n voda are looking to launch 1800 LTE networks by year end. The 700mhz frequency is currently not available. its being used by your analogue TV signals which only get switched off in the second half of 2013. then time for installing and testing 700LTE…. so it will be a… Read more »


If I’m going to get my first tablet, it might be this but will wait and see what the reviews say.