We’ve already heard that Optus are ready to launch the 10.1 early September and that Myer are throwing caution to the wind by advertising it but we’ve also had information today that Vodafone are already carrying stock in Australia in anticipation of the Apple Vs Samsung court case conclusion.

All they’re waiting for now is their legal team’s *nod* and VHA Management to give the go ahead.

Watch this space, we could be seeing some very competitive deals from multiple carriers battling for your business with this highly publicised and highly anticipated device very soon.

But what about Telstra?  They’re playing their cards very close to their chest as usual, which doesn’t give any indication of their intent to carry the device or not.

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Congratulations on your first post and good job on it, Phil.
It seems that everyone is pretty confident that the patent case will go Samsung’s way. Does anyone know why is that? 

Mike D

As a 10.1v early adopter, Samsung and Vodafone can both go to hell. Touchwiz no doubt means this tablet will be 6 months behind other tablets for software updates, no thanks.


Telstra smashes everyone when it comes to reception, you can drive from the Eastern coast, to Adelaide to Perth on the highways and get good (fast & stable) internet the entire way.

Dylan Xavier

ur better off buying the tab outright and buying prepaid data from telstra instead of waiting for the “Telstra optimised” version of the tab. not to mention the overpriced version

Robert Sleight

Agree buy it from Myer and you get updates as soon as the rest of the world? Plus no bloat-ware 🙂 

Dylan Xavier

Who cares about telstra any way. they are overpriced almost all the time. too much of a premium. Congrats on what appears to be ur first post. 🙂

Small point. mention a source. even if it says Source:P or Source: X