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Two recent articles have appeared that may confirm Samsung as the hardware manufacturer for the next Google Nexus phone, seemingly the Nexus Prime. First we have from geek.com, a cease and desist letter sent to a source which says they have the Samsung firmware for the Nexus Prime.

The Cease and Desist letter whilst easy to fake, may just have accidentally confirmed what many people are already thinking that Samsung are about to get a second bite at the Nexus cherry. Our own Ausdroid writer Irwin, laid out the Nexus Prime rumour info here which also included the possibility of the phone launching in October, which leads us to our second rumour: Did the Nexus Prime just go through FCC for WiFi certification? a recently leaked roadmap of Samsung phones from GSMArena shows an Ice-Cream sandwich based phone the Samsung I9250:

According to an article at Droid-life the Samsung I9250 just passed through the FCC for WiFi Certification :

So with all these documents and certifications coming together, is the Nexus Prime going to be launching in October? What do you think?

Source: Geek.comGSMArena.comDroid-Life.
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Samsung stuffed up the Nexus S and i really hope they aren’t given the opportunity to stuff up the Nexus Prime. They make mainstream phones that don’t push the boundaries, and it looks like Nexus Prime is going to be more of the same. Take a look at the device WAP profile from Samsung’s site (link below)  – GT-i9250, screen size – 480×800?! WTF Samsung, if you’re going to make the Nexus then you need to at least MATCH current specs of qHD if not exceed them!!! Not impressed, and it just goes to prove that Samsung should not be… Read more »


Shit,(I can say shit here?)..I really hippie not..the rest of the specs look great…why would that other link be so wing…surely with ics and no buttons they would need higher screen resolution? I say fake link #Ireallyreallyhopeso #wishfulthinking


It wasn’t Samsung’s fault! Samsung had to rush the Nexus S after Sony pulled out of the contract last minute. Samsung produced the Nexus S in matter of weeks, (which means they may have modified one of there phones already in production to meet the last minute demand). Its only fair that Samsung are given the chance to produce the next Nexus (Prime) with the full time frame, hears hoping they do a good job but initial rumours are looking interesting.


How will a phone with a 4.65″ screen fit into pockets? Even if it is edge to edge I don’t see why it needs to be so big. Well I’ll just have to wait and see. Also I don’t think a 5MP camera is anything to drool over, I’d be hoping for 8MP.
Rumours are rumours though, I just want to see the facts.

Also welcome Daniel, nice first article 🙂

Buzz Moody

I’ve used the Dell Streak with its 5-inch display and I could fit that in my pocket. I agree though, it’s too big.


You’re right, I was thinking more along the lines of the tiny pockets on women’s clothing which I have to put up with because clothing designers think that all women want to carry around massive handbags.

Aaron McAuley

best. graphic. ever.


Agreed. I loved the graphic… My sons said “Its awesome”.