Are you the proud owner of a T-Touch Tab from Telstra, only because that cheap price tag put any idea of the device being cheap and nasty out of your mind? Well if that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know you can now update you T-Touch Tab from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 “Froyo” — pffft, who needs Gingerbread anyway.

If you’re a beginner to updating your device, Telstra and Huawei have made it as easy as possible; providing a 16-page guide. The update is around 216MB and you have to download it to your PC before you move it across to the device — just read the update guide and you’ll be good to go. Here are some of the benefits of the update..

  • Improved Adobe Flash Player performance
  • Applications can now be saved to a microSD card – freeing up internal memory
  • New mobile hotspot features that allows you to share your data connection with other Wi-Fi capable devices
  • Improved mobile web-browsing performance
  • The update introduces voice activation of voice commands for call dialling, web searches and navigation searches
  • Improved Microsoft Exchange support

Head over to the source link to start your update process and let us know how you go.

Source: Huawei / Telstra T-Touch Tab.
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John in Brisbane

Hey I’m glad!  While these things suck in many ways, especially now that you can get something similar with a capacitive screen for the same $200 they go for now, I actually use mine a fair bit as a desktop handsfree  skype device and as a media player with various stereos and in the car.  I never activated the sim but might if I can use it has a hotspot … it’s an honest little gadget that just needed a capacity, multi-touch screen from day one.


‘An honest gadget’ is pretty much why, when I found them still in stock, today, at Myers, Queen Street Mall, for $149, I snapped one up fast. eBook reading, and web browsing on my LG optimus One is a pain with its small screen. For me, this inexpensive 7in tablet fits the bill perfectly.
Finding that I can bring mine up to a tolerable version of Android, from the outset, is a bonus. 🙂

John in Brisbane

Oh that’s a sweet price, especially from bloody Myers.  I paid 300 about a year ago and at that time was happy.  If you accept the limitations before buying, $150 is a total bargain.  For $175 total, you can have a tablet with a 16gig in it …


Just when I thought the Optus mytab getting froyo in April was bad!


Love it when companies release a update and its still an outdated version!

Very poor but standard for telstra. The pretty disappointing for huawei! Might rethink my mediapad purchase!