HTC’s first 3D device is now available for purchase via Telstra’s online store. The EVO 3D is being pushed by Telstra on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan which also adds an extra $23 (after MRO bonus) a month to pay off the device — or you can purchase outright for $912 ($113 more than MobiCity </plug>). Telstra have made no comment as to when the devices will be available in stores, however, it can only be a few days away depending on store location.

The EVO 3D is also coming to Vodafone in the next week or so, with more competitive pricing than Telstra; Telstra’s network does come into play though. So who’s going to jump about the Telstra & 3D bandwagon with the EVO 3D? I’m pretty interested to know if you guys think 3D in its current form will take off, let me know.

If you want a quick spec comparison to the HTC Sensation, check out this post, otherwise, here are the key specs Telstra want you to know..

  • Android™ (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense™
  • 4.3-inch touch qHD screen with (540×960) resolution capable of glasses-free 3-D
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Dual 5 mega-pixel cameras with auto focus and dual LED flash for 2D/3D video/photo capture
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for an amazing mobile web browsing experience
  • Internal phone storage: 1 GB
Source: Telstra.
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need to lower the price then you’ll get more people buying them


Strange- our store is selling them for $840, which equates to $20 on a $59 Freedom Plan.


That said, the phone is quite nice. It’s largish, and has a substantial feel to it, without being too heavy. I like how the function buttons are displayed also. It feels like an expensive phone.

3D is a bit iffy though. Photo’s are great if you look at the screen at the right angle, but 3D video’s aren’t that great. 3D games are meh…

But with the 3D capability aside, it’s still a nice phone.


Which store is that if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

Mallardious Monk

The price comparison to make is with the Sensation, as the 3D aside they’re fairly similar devices.

The Sensation is available on a $79 plan with no extra to pay.  The EVO 3D on the $79 plan is another $18 in handset payments.

I’d be amazed if they shift many of them at that price unless there’s more to 3D as a marketing thing than I think.  I could see maybe a $5 premium over the Sensation, but $18 is a bit much.

Geoff Fieldew

I’m really struggling to imagine the target market for a large screened 3D phone for a minimum of $82 per month for 2 years? I suspect Telstra may have yet again skilfully priced this out of the range of the few people who may actually want one. But maybe I’m wrong? Perhaps demand will exceed supply!

Dylan Waghorne

3D is a gimmick

Dylan Waghorne

3D is a gimmick


Hey guys, my manager has let me know that it should be next week, as we’ve got an order in for getting stock on monday the 19th (we usually get em in a day earlier so the tech guy, which is usually me, can play with them :D) so it should be here by the 20th if all goes well.


What the hell!?!? $912 outright?? You can by a decent gaming computer with that kind of money!