Love them or hate them Zynga creates popular cross platform games, allowing iOS and Android users to interact with social games such as Words with Friends which is super popular.

Now their new game Hanging with Friends which has been available for iOS for a while is available in the Android Market. Zynga`s twist on the game Hangman allows you to play up to 20 games simultaneously against either friends or random opponents, it can sync with your Facebook account to find your existing friends, it also has push notifications to notify you of your turn and has in-game chat as well. It is ad supported but it does mean you can download it for free from the Android Market here.

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    Shane Trenerry

    My Desire doesn’t have enough internal memory to download this. Bloody annoying. Was looking forward to it since WWF plays and looks a million times better than on my crappy iPod. 


    Available on my Desire but not my Iconia A500. Not downloading it because I’ve tried it and it wasn’t that good and also because it’s 20MB! Even with 95% off apps on my SD card, I’ve only got 16MB free on the phone. Not worth it.


    Works on my SGSII which is good for me but that’s poor form if it’s not functioning on many devices. Isn’t that meant to be a benefit of Android!?

    unfunk Freeman

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices: 
    LG P990 Optimus 2X
    Asus TF101 Transformer
    Samsung Galaxy S

    What the hell *does* it work on then?


    Its not on the market for the droid 3