Although we’ve posted about this before, Telstra reaffirmed at a press event this morning that their first 4G phone will be coming from HTC — we suspect the Holiday which can be called the Raider 4G or Rider — and will be launching in the first quarter of 2012 which is still a fair way off. This gives Telstra enough time to roll out more of their 4G network to make a 4G device viable for consumers.

Telstra announcing this also confirms that if the Galaxy Nexus goes to Telstra it will not be the 4G variant, though there’s not unexpected there.

The HTC Holiday has a 1.2GHz Dual-Core CPU, 4.5-inch qHD display, 8MP camera and 1630mAh battery, so by the time it launches it certainly isn’t going to be the cream of the crop, leaving its main selling point as being 4G. It’s a long road to 4G, but we’ll get there soon enough. Anyone else getting excited about it?

Source: @NeeravBhatt.
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I wonder if the  Samsung Galaxy SII LTE  would work in telstra’s 4g? And how well? If so it could be an alternative for those wanting to jump into 4g early. Bands seem right just not sure of the actual frequency though.

Buzz Moody

Telstra are using 1800MHz for their 4G LTE network, the Galaxy S II HD LTE (according to GSM Arena) works on LTE 1800MHz, so it should work. You just have to wait for Telstra to open up the 4G network to users.


Is that the same as the telstra version of the Galaxy SII?


Not particularly excited. 

No doubt that that Telstra 4G network will be expensive to go onto in the first few months or even year and I think for Perth residents, we won’t be getting 4G until late next year??Beside does anyone else think the look of the HTC phone is pretty plain and uninspiring??


Just checked their 4G site and it looks like that Perth does have 4G although it is pretty restricted to certain areas:


i just got a gs2. waiting 4 voda’s 850 network to roll out everywhere.