Looks like only 9 apps today, 2 of which are repeats, but still a 10 cent sale is pretty good and for those late to the party, you can grab Endomondo Sports Pro and Great Little War Game.
Today`s 10 cent apps :

Repeats :

Still enjoying this sale, although i`d like a few more apps than games but really i`ll take anything I can get.

Edit : There is a US based one which I didn`t add this morning cause I could find no way to get it NFL3D Live Wallpaper Unlocked Even with Market Enabler i`ve been unable to get this one, so i`m gonna crowd source this, anyone found a way to get this Live Wallpaper?

Source: Android Market.
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    Andrew Palozzo

    I managed to purchase Sim City.. but could never install it.. anyone have any luck with it? SGS2…

    Carsten Bauer

    My HTC Desire installed Simcity ok, but my SGS2 didn’t.. ?


    I’m surprised many apps are not ‘compatible’ with the SGSII… 🙁


    Yeah, few apps not compatible with the Galaxy Nexus / ICS. Sucks.


    Wow, that’s odd.  I would have expected that everything should be compatible with the Galaxy Nexus.  Does anybody have a device that does show Sim City Deluxe and Backstab HD?  Are they ‘tablet only’ or something?

    Jake Oliver

    Really? I get 8 on my Galaxy S running the CM9 alpha?

    Can also confirm I can see Simcity and Backstab HD


    Hmm no sure about the 10 app per day. Today I only got 7 apps and 2 is repeated 🙁
    I see no Sim City Deluxe. Same with the other day, there are some apps that are missing from my store… what’s going on?

    EDIT: Just found out that if an app is incompatible it won’t show up. I am using SGS2.


    I only see 6 apps. Two of them I have purchased already. We are screwed.


    Seriously, don’t you guys have any news for this blog? In the last 3 days, there’s only ONE post each day, and all 3 posts for 3 days are all about 10 cents apps.

    If your goal is driving the readers away from you blog, you’re doing a good job.

    Grant Bridge

    Come on man, it’s nearly Christmas. Give these guys a break. It get’s quiet around Christmas time as business wind down for the break so not much news is likely to be happening between now and new year.

    Just be grateful that you have something to complain about 😉


    i agree. ease up mate

    Buzz Moody

    There’s nothing going on around this time of year except for Galaxy Nexus news, and we’re not going to make up false rumours about devices just to get views.

    William Sanders

    Don’t forget, it’s been the weekend. Not as much Android related news happens on the weekend, as businesses tend to do things on weekdays.


    You missed the suckers that are us only! Nfl 3d wallpaper is one of them. Tried using marlet enable but that didnt work… Google annoy the crap out of me with all their us-centric crap.

    Daniel Tyson

    Can`t get it either, not even through USVPN and using Market Enabler 🙁


    I don’t like this trend of repeats. Its taking the gloss from the 100 free apps i was hoping for. Whats next’ free apps for 10 cents each.