Optus has officially announced they will stock the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Optus have opened the lines for preorders and stock will ship on the 15th — the same time as Vodafone, one day after the media event. To receive the Galaxy Nexus for $0 upfront you’ll have to sign up to Optus’ $79 Cap for two years, however, they do have the same $59 Cap pricing as Vodafone with $5/mo repayments which seems the way to go. You can view all the available plans here.

Furthermore, I was reading through the Optus tweets on the Twitter and they mentioned that the Galaxy Nexus will come with LTE that will work on their 700MHz 1800MHz LTE network. There is no mention of LTE on Optus’ website for the Galaxy Nexus, so I’m not 100% sure what the go is.

Hit up the source link to head to Optus’ preorder page.

Source: Optus.
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methinks their PR guys didn’t really read up on the specs on their new flagship before spouting off about it- hence them saying their version is 16gb plus expandable memory of up to another 32gb… its on their site on the specifications…
I think they really have no idea but wanted to rush the website out there seeing as the voda one is live too…


The phone itself will obviously have LTE radios, whether these will ever be used is yet to be determined. If and when LTE rolls out, new plans and/or price increases to said plans (for LTE access on capable phones like the Galaxy Nexus) may be in order, among other things.


So far there arent any GN with GSM and LTE, the current LTE version has CDMA.

So if optus do get this phone and it has LTE its going to be a new version. Its not obvious


They must have taken that link down pretty quickly, it doesn’t resolve anymore?

Andrew Palozzo

Yeah… do they even have access to the 700 Mhz spectrum yet?? This would be an instant buy for me if that was the case.. As would almost any LTE Android device that works in Australia…


Andrew if you read their link it says they are first to have access and are in test mode meaning it is only about 4 months or so from capital city availability.

Dylan Xavier

ok seriously Serious! Pun intended. :p The 700mhz spectrum has not been auctioned by the government. That only happens in late 2013. So dont count on 700mhz LTE ne time soo. the best optus can do is LTE on 1800mhz. That too they are atleast 4-6 months away from a launch. And based on the optus rollout plan for LTE that will be in very few areas. Vodafone will possible have Functional LTE 1800 before optus. 

Buzz Moody

Updated the post, completely forgot 1800MHz, just saw 700MHz mentioned in their press release.


Optus has already trialled LTE network equipment provided by Huawei. They used 700 Mhz band for this trial. This band provides even better propagation (coverage) than Telstra 850MHz NextG!