Well hello there random YouTube video from Telstra mentioning the combination of Ice Cream and Android coming soon to the nations biggest carrier. This can surely mean only one thing: Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The video can be viewed below; it doesn’t give much anyway or have anything really informative. Given that both Optus and Vodafone are shipping their stock on December 16th, Telstra should announce the device very soon.

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The Nexus launch is the reason the SG2 dropped down to the $59 plan recently.


Telstra just got +1’ed in my head…. what is going WRONG with this world!?

Jason Forsyth

Is it just me or does that all but confirm the Nexus on Telstra? That X only means one thing. 


Nexus is over rated


So are you.


Pretty brave posting that as Anonymous…. Also enjoy wearing your Mamma’s bras when she’s not home?


Going on Android forums and bagging Android phones, aren’t you cool.

Go back under your bridge. You’re probably a milk drinker.


Wrong again Pungtang. I own two Galaxy S II’s rooted and overclocked currently on Android 2.3.5 thanks to VillianROM 3.0; and an Asus Eee Pad on Prime 2.1 overclocked to 1.6Ghz.

What else ya got?


Grats on having to overclock the old 2.3.5 rom, when 2.3.6 out officially for the SGS2 rofl. Your phones are overclocked and they STILL won’t be as smooth as a hardware accelerated ICS. Nice try though.

LOL @ owning two of the same phone
LOL @ 800×480 resolution x 2 phones
LOL @ TouchWiz x 2
LOL @ Gingerbread
LOL @ Asus Transformer
LOL @ passing off the crap you do to your phone/tab like it’s some sort of achievement.
LOL @ having your facebook linked to your account, dumbass
LOL @ you


Nathan, you’re acting like a douchebag


Shite, all I said was the Nexus is over-rated, which it is. Didn’t expect any Manic Maniac’s running me over for it. Geez.


From other review sites: First, 1.2Ghz – there are already 1.5Ghz dual core phones out Second, In Quadrant, the Nexus scored 1,785 points – quite a way behind the Samsung Galaxy S II’s result of 3,460 Third,  The Nexus’s screen is our first concern. It’s crisp, with an incredible pixel density of 319ppi, colours are vivid and contrast fantastic (this is AMOLED, after all). It’s a great screen. However, compared with the Samsung Galaxy S II (300cd/m2) and iPhone 4S (581cd/m2), its maximum brightness of only 197cd/m2 is disappointing. And we’ve covered the impact the button bar has on that seemingly big… Read more »


My bet is it’ll be around $17 on the $59 freedom connect play, or $12 on the $79.

I can’t see them offsetting the overall cost of the Galaxy Nexus, at least at launch time

Nick Fletcher

2 features of this phone that are better that the sgs2 IMO:
– 720p display

they’re the only reason i’m considering upgrading to the GN from my SGS2.  i think i’ll probably stick with the SGS2 though.. but it would be a hard decision if i had neither and had to choose between the two.

Rohan Juneja

720p is overrated on the nexus cause it only has 2 subpixels while the galaxy has 3. i can’t comment on the screen, the nexus might be better but not THAT substantially. And NFC is next to useless in australia i think? Haven’t really seen many places where it is available.


Bingo, plus I’m a bit bias owning the the SGS2 for half a year already. I’ve very proud of a device that’s future-proofed this well so far. Technically I’m more disappointed in the GN. I wonder what they could have done to the GN that would have made me actually want it?!


Until you have seen the screen, you can’t believe how truly amazing it is. How do I know? Imported mine from Handtec.


I really hope they don’t price this the same as the HTC EVO 3D ($79 total on the $59 cap). Please keep it similar to the iPhone 4S $63 on the $59 cap) and I’ll be signing up day 1!!!!!

Paul Flood

You forget to mention that at 18 second mark, the Nexus X logo is all over the video.  I still think it’s to big and will prob buy the SGS2.

Alex Gerontzos

What he said..