We’ve received some more news regarding the rumoured Sony Xperia S launch on Optus in mid-April: pricing. Our source says that the phone will be available for $0 on Optus’ $49 cap. The cap includes 1.5GB data, $550 of included credit and unlimited social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare (and more), which is (almost) enough to get the most out of your brand new Xperia S.

Our review of Sony’s first Xperia device should be posted in the next week and a bit, so keep an eye out for that. Is anyone interested in the Xperia S on Optus? It’s shaping up to be a nice device given its reasonable pricing.

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Michael Tahata

any news on Telstra yet?

Cjm Morgan5

A few days ago i went past the Optus Shop in Box Hill, Melbourne and they had the Xperia S on display but the tag under it said said Arc $49. They had no stock of the phone but amusing it will be here very soon.


omg omg omg can’t wait!!!! ^^ 

Jamesz Zhang

well glad im not getting this phone even tho the spec r good but they are late to the dual core market also the phone has no removable battery like iphone 

Dara Ing

im waiting for what telstra wants to do?? would be more keen on getting on telstra with this phone!!


I’ll be buying outright, hopefully Unbranded (so hoping Virgin pick it up)

Ken Otsuji

why dose it say Sony Ericsson lol thought it was just Sony now?

Buzz Moody

Early marketing material, I imagine.