Motorola has updated its schedule for rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to devices, they’ve also included details on the upgrade development cycle, to help explain at which stage of planning or implementation the upgrade is at for your device. It’s an interesting read anyway, but I do think that the speed of updates needs to seriously be sped up once the purchase by Google is completed.

Point of note Motorola has pointed out that all devices listed have a minimum of 1G of RAM. The relevant updates for Australia are :

Device Name Country Current Phase Expected Timing
MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi Only Asia Pacific, Canada, China, EMEA, Japan & LATAM Development Rollouts begin in Q2 2012.
MOTOROLA RAZR Asia Pacific, Canada, China, EMEA, Japan, Korea & LATAM Development Rollouts begin in Q2 2012.
ATRIX 2 Asia-Pacific, LATAM, USA, and selected other markets Development Rollouts begin in Q3 2012.
MOTOROLA XOOM 2 Asia Pacific, EMEA, and LATAM Development Rollouts begin in Q3 2012
MOTOROLA XOOM 2 Media Edition Asia Pacific, EMEA, and LATAM Development Rollouts begin in Q3 2012
ATRIX / ATRIX 4G MB860/MB861/ME860 Asia Pacific, EMEA and LATAM Evaluation & Planning Further details to follow
MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi + 3G Asia Pacific, EMEA and LATAM Evaluation & Planning Further details to follow

I think it speaks volumes that the 3G version of the original Xoom still has not received an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, whilst the original Xoom was not technically a ‘Nexus’ Device, it was the first device to be released by Motorola and Google with Honeycomb and was described as a Google Experience device. Check out the source link for a list of the current plans for older models, if it’s not in the table above though it appears there are no plans for official ICS for your device, so probably time to check out XDA or RootzWiki if you want the latest update on your device.

Source: Motorola Forums.
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Can’t understand how the Wifi Xoom ICS update can still be in “Development” when it has been released for months in Nth America. From what I understand there is no discernible difference between the oz wifi only and the rest of the world.

I used to think all the major OEM’s were as bad as each other when it comes to official updates – but Moto are now clearly the looser in this category


I don’t think Motorola are a joke or crap. I don’t mind waiting for the update for ICS. I’m hoping its 4.0.4 and not 4.0.3 like what was released for the Samsung S2’s. My mate did his ICS update on his S2 and it didn’t go well.

Susan Martin

I wouldn’t pay much attention to what Motorola post. Take the Moto Xoom as an example, and in particular I’ve been monitoring the Xoom we have in Australia. They take one step forward and then two steps backwards with ICS for our model 601. There Australian facebook page says one thing and the official site says something completely different. It was the same with Honeycomb. They blame the carriers one minute and then say it’s there internal testing etc.e etc. etc. the biggest laugh being that the Xoom WiFi doesn’t go to carriers for testing, just a joke. There status… Read more »


Pathetic. I cant believe at this stage the Xoom is still in Eval and Planning phase. What has it been – almost 8 mths since ICS launch… Google really needs to crack the whip. Both Samsung and Moto.


Fuck Motorola and this Bullshit delay in updating devices! 12 months to update the atrix to ics is just a joke. Motorola should be ashamed of themselves!

They wonder why people don’t buy there devices. Crap motoblur, world’s slowest or nonexistent updates and some sub standard choices in hardware parts.

Motorola is no more for me!