We all love a bargain and a group of developers want to celebrate the fact that they can control pricing to their content so they’ve decided to hold a sale for the last week of May(24th May – 1st June) to help us indulge this love of a bargain. The site becausewemay.com contains a list of games on various platforms including Android, iOS, Steam, Mac and Others all of which have been discounted.

The reason for the sale in their own words:

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.

In terms of Android games there are a number I haven’t purchased but I do have World of Goo, Osmos and Field Runners and quite enjoy them, so if you want a great bargain, head over there and check out what they have. Remember, creating the apps you love takes time, effort and money so always support the developer, most of these are less than the price of a cup of coffee and give you hours more entertainment.

Source: Becausewemay.com.
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    Gambit smith

    For $26.85 (stupid, Paypal conversion rates), I got all games introversion games


    delivered,in their boxes and downloaded… I only really wanted to play two of the games, Uplink and Defon, and would have been happy to pay twice that amount!!!!

    “Because we May” – Dam straight you can!!!!

    Matt Booth

    +100 internet points for tagging every game

    Buzz Moody

    How freaking good is it.

    Matt Booth

    This is ‘Employee of the Month’ material