It’s from the US but that doesn’t mean that the news won’t be just as good here. Android Police have captured Facebook updates from HTC regarding the status of Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the list of announced devices. In Australia we are still waiting on some Ice Cream Sandwich updates which have been approved to be pushed out(EVO3D and Rhyme) and some updates are still yet to be approved (Incredible S and Desire S) but according to the HTC US Facebook page, HTC intend to get all their Ice Cream Sandwich updates out for the end of August which is good news for everyone. I’ve just put together the status of announced updates for HTC devices so far :

Device Schedule Status
HTC Desire S June-July No Information available as yet
HTC Desire HD July-August Cancelled
HTC EVO 3D June-July Delivered
HTC Incredible S June-July Optus :Late August – Manufacturer delay
HTC Sensation March-June Delivered
HTC Sensation XE March-June Delivered
HTC Sensation XL April-June Delivered
HTC Rhyme June-July Approved pending rollout
HTC Velocity 4G March-June Delivered

So it’s not terrible, I’m still chasing information on the Desire S but I can only assume that if HTC are working on it for other markets then they will surely be working on it for the Australian market as well. Now once they have finished this round of updates we may get some information on which of these phones if any will be likely to see a Jelly Bean update.

Source: Android Police.
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David Anderton

Looking forward to finally be able to run google chrome on my google phone!