Folks, it’s that time again. Last year, we ran our 2011 reader survey, and a lot of the changes that you’ve seen on Ausdroid over the past twelve months or so have come about as a result of the things you’ve told us.

At the end of the day, while Ausdroid is what we do for fun, it would not even exist if it weren’t for you, our audience. We do this for you, basically, and if we don’t know or understand what you want, then its going to be hard for us to deliver to your expectations.

Ausdroid has been around for over two years now, and in technology terms, that’s a pretty long time. We’d like to hear what you have to say, and we’d like to understand a bit about you, what motivates you to come here, and what you’d like to see more and less of.

We know completing surveys is a bit dull – we certainly don’t enjoy doing them – but we’re hoping that you’ll spare five minutes of your time, and help us out with our 2012 survey.

You can start the survey here: Ausdroid 2012 Reader Survey.

To say thanks, we’re offering a few prizes this time round. It’s purely a game of chance here – by completing the survey and leaving your contact details, you’ll go into the draw to win one of the following:

  • One of three $25 cash prizes
  • One of two Samsung Galaxy S III cases
  • Anything else we come up with in the meantime

So, don’t waste any further time – go complete the Ausdroid 2012 Reader Survey and help us out.

To be eligible to win a prize, you must complete the survey by 5pm on 7 September 2012. Winners will be announced by the end of the following week – 14 September. We will also hope to publish the survey results a good deal quicker this year.

Update Tuesday 28 Aug, 3pm: If you’ve already submitted your survey response, and you’d like to provide some free-form feedback, email it to [email protected] and we’ll incorporate it in our survey response database. Just make sure you send it from – or refer to – the same email address you completed the survey with.

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    Greg Bell

    More issues:
    If I have 3 GB of data in my plan, do I select 1-3 GB or 3-5 GB? (I ticked both.)
    On page F, the question about podcast advertising. It’s compulsory but doesn’t allow for people who don’t listen to the podcast (I’ve never listened to any podcast, ever. I just don’t see the point.)

    Greg Bell

    Another problem: the plan features include “1-3 GB of data” and “3-5 GB”. Which do I choose if I have 3 GB? (I chose both)


    Page 6, Advertising Opinions. Missing option: I want to see more ads.

    Option added, though I doubt many will click it, but let’s see 😉


    Bug for page 4, last question. Presumes any secondary phone is a work phone. What happens if you have 2 non-work phones?

    We’d like to understand what people’s primary phones are, and if they have an employer provided phone, what that is. We know many people have more than one handset, but we can’t capture all that info and usefully use it, so we don’t try to. I’ve amended the form to make what we’re seeking clearer.


    Second bug report for page 3
    No ability to cope with more than one phone connection account and carrier.

    We want to know about your primary plan/connection. Clarified in the form.


    Bug report for the entirety of Page 3.
    It’s ALL about being on a PLAN, and it’s all compulsory.
    There’s no way for us folks on PREPAID to bypass it as not applicable.

    Not so – all the questions, bar the last on ‘plan type’ are equally applicable to pre-paid users. A prepaid user can indicate their carrier, that their plan is pre-paid, that they spend up to X per month, that their connection has certain features, and can leave the last question – plan type – unanswered.


    Looks like we need a readers poll for the readers poll


    please please please post the entire article in the RSS feed.. PLEASE..

    We’ll consider it.. but we’ve had problems with this in the past.


    “App Roundup” might be a nice addition to the questions about what Ausdroid features you like/dislike.

    Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

    I’ve added this, thanks @e32927e3d8c01698660a31912e1a8162:disqus


    The “Phone Plan” stuff is very much targeted at the “high-cost, get-a-phone, included calls” type plan, rather than the “bring your own (bought online), tiny fixed, pay as you use, cheap data-expensive calls” variety favoured by all my Android-toting, VoIP using friends and colleagues.

    Sam Harrison

    There are now so many, low cost BYO phone plans out there. TGP, Amaysim, etc. Really thought Ausdroid would be showing people these options to create a more competitive market. You can purchase your phone from someone like Kogan, and go on a $15 a month plan, which has the same value as an optus $50 a month plan. Makes sense to me.

    @e32927e3d8c01698660a31912e1a8162:disqus @google-0fdf347c9e8343f986d94f02a2b8d387:disqus Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ve incorporated these changes into the survey.

    Greg Bell

    It’s still not clear to me, you distinguish carrier from telco but then provide an option for other. If you only want network operator (a clearer term I think) then why allow other when you’ve listed all the network operators in Australia. Also, wouldn’t me telling you I’m with Live Connected be more informative for you than saying I connect to Optus cell towers?

    Aryan Ameri

    Two issues:

    The Phone Features questions should be a checkbox, not a radio button selection.

    Also, even if I don’t follow you on Twitter, I have to answer the “How do you find us on Twitter” question.

    Thanks for the feedback – sorry we missed this. It’s no longer a mandatory question, and I’ve fixed the phone features question too. Proof reading doesn’t pick up everything 🙂


    “Phone features

    What kind of features does your phone have? Choose any that apply”

    This question only allows one answer, not multiple?

    Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

    My fault – I had the form proof-read but some things got missed, clearly. All fixed now.