Telstra have once again posted news on their handset OTA update status. And, in a continuing trend, they bring some mixed news.

Good news for Samsaung Galaxy S II 4G owners, as the Ice Cream Sandwich update has finally been approved. Deployment is expected very soon, though no specific dates have been given as yet.

On the flip side, submission of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update has been delayed yet again by Samsung and is expected to be made on 7th December. Telstra claim they’ll try to both test and approve this update in 1 version in order to expedite the process.

And for Samsung Galaxy S III owners, a new revision of the Jelly Bean update has been submitted by Samsung due to an issue being found by the QA team. This version is currently in testing by Telstra. In other words, it too has been delayed yet again.

Delay seems to be the word of the month (year?) from Telstra, as the HTC One XL Jelly Bean update has been delayed by HTC and is expected to begin testing by Telstra on 7th December. That “by the end of the year” expected release date is beginning to look unlikely.

Some good news for Motorola RAZR HD users, as the Jelly Bean update has been approved by Telstra and is expected to be pushed out by 17th December.

The Jelly Bean update for the Motorola RAZR M has been received by Telstra and is currently under internal testing.

Source: Telstra (Crowd Support).
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I’ve got a Galaxy Nexus that I got on contract from Vodafone, however I have since unlocked the phone and switched to Telstra…will I receive the OTA JB update from Vodafone or Telstra?

Daniel Tyson

From Samsung, the carriers do not push out OTAs, when you get the update is determined by when each carrier approves the update though, in which case you will have to wait for Vodafone(Which is good news because they have been the fastest of the 3 carriers in updating their phones so far)


telstra sucks big hairy sweaty balls

Tassie Kay

Galaxy Note?


What about the Samsung Galaxy SII 3G (NOT 4G)? All I’ve read is the 4G network. It Telstra can’t provide this new Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy SII 3G (network) then give me a new phone and extended my contract for another 12 months.


Send all complaints to Google and tell them all android phones should have vanilla builds of the newest Android is they can handle. Then allow manufacturers skins to be available on play store when they complete a stable build. If you buy HTC the skin should be free. If they make a stable build for other makes of phone they can charge for it. (you might like sense more than touchwiz) . Finally carrier apps should be on the play store only if there stable.If carrier apps and skins were completely removable at will google could provide updates to all… Read more ยป

Zac Butler

i work for telstra and yes they take ages to test and bloat up the roms. hopefully they pull their fingers out soon ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ice Cream what?… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ben Truscott

Its all about the Jelly Bean man….lol


Would love to see a link to some information about how to flash firmware to international ‘non-carrier-branded’ version


My husband has the Atrix. …is it just me or was this phone totally abandoned. He has never received any sort of update for it…..

Out of Datrix

Totally abandoned by Motorola, which is why I will never buy another Motorola again


Waiting for Telstra to provide updates is like dreaming for your pay rise that looks near but never comes. Thank God who ever is power android user (and who really cares about their firmware version) knows how to update their firmware by their own and about others… I don’t think they even care if they are still running Gingerbread.

But having said that case of Galaxy Nexus is hilarious. It’s a BIG FAIL. Shame on you Telstra + Samsung.


The state of updates on the Galaxy Nexus is beyond laughable now! I took things into my own hands with my Telstra GNex and will be doing the same with my GFs very soon. Telstra really need to slap Samsung or something. The way they appear to have been messed around it ridiculous.

James Bryant

It ain’t Samsung… it’s Telstra – they are the only common denominator in all the delays… doesn’t matter who the OEM is – Telstra ALWAYS delay updates with some excuse or other… those that know, Root and ROM – everyone else, well I just feel sorry for you!!

Ben Truscott

I really don’t see why they even have to touch the Galaxy Nexus OTa anyway. I have an international version (from Mobicity) and have recieved all their updates. There is no need to fill it with bloatware. The updates come straight from the manufacturer, they work, why add anything else. This whole Telco holding out on customers is BS. This is why I always but my phones unlocked and outright. Sorry for the rant.

Stephen Crisafulli

So many people just don’t Know how much money and trouble they Can save with a non Telco branded phone

David Watt

Or a custom ROM ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ben Truscott

This is so very true, I brough mine for $400, on any Telco plan they are paying close to 2.5 times more


Why is it the manufacturers that are to blame when the rest of the world – even the US carriers! – have released the software. Try blaming Telstra and it’s bloatware.