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Once again, Telstra have provided an update on the status of their Android handset updates. It seems most devices with an impending update are set to receive them before the year’s end.

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Ice Cream Sandwich update is now rolling out as we speak. According to Telstra, the update is going to be staggered across the next two weeks:

  • Day 1-3 : 10k of devices selected at random to be eligible for update, users are either alerted via FOTA Push Message or by manually checking
  • Day 4-13: An additional 10% of devices are selected per day
  • Day 14: All devices are now eligible for update

The update weighs in around 190MB so you should download the update over wifi if you’re concerned about your data limit. It will also be available to all customers via Kies from 17:00 today (Friday 14th December).

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update is in testing and an approval date of 24th December is still on track.

The HTC One XL Jelly Bean update is also in testing and likewise is on track for an approval date of 24th December.

The Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update is a little ahead of the others and approval is expected on 19th December.

Finally, the Sony Xperia U Ice Cream Sandwich update is ahead of schedule and is likely to be available before the end of the year.

Source: Telstra (Crowd Support).
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Approval date from Telstra is the 24th for the one xl, release date to public is tba… Info is on the telstra forums for more details

Sean Hatton

Jellybean on my HTC One XL for Christmas – thanks Santa!


These guys have damaged their brands. I don’t want to have my next phone rely on Samsung or Telstra for anything. Ignoring the initial 9 month delay, 24 hours later after the update was announced as being released, and neither of them have had the courtesy to address the missing update. Welcome to 1972, when everyone stopped work at 5pm on a Friday. Good time to schedule a software update that never shows.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

I think it’s been said before, and it bears saying again:

If you want regular, on time OS updates, don’t buy a phone from a carrier. Unfortunately, that’s just how Android is. It’s not centrally controlled like iOS. There’s so many different versions and variants floating around that there’s too many chefs ruining the broth. Just buy a Nexus device and all these woes go away.

(But seriously, I know how frustrating it is. I want my RAZR M to have Jelly Bean too, but it’s not coming till next year. Boo.)


9 months and 4 hours later, and we’re still waiting. no update for or over Kies yet. no-one reporting FOTA upgrade. each side blames the other. I don’t want anything to do with either after this nightmare. Someone needs to own this mess and make amends.


Telstras logo should read, Ït’s how we DON’T connect”…. Seems Optus have announced they are on the eve of rolling out JB for the Galaxy Note 1, yet what do we hear from Telstra, Zip, Nil, just deafening silence, and to top it off, for a communications company, they won’t answer any questions about the subject.


I’d really like to have the JB 4.1 update for the Galaxy SII, but I think they may abandon it on 4.0.3, if they had any scruples, they’d at least push out the 4.0.4 before abandoning it completely.


Damn, I wish Optus would update us on their HTC One X JB update

David Watt

Good point. I’ll do a post sumarising Optus handset updates.


That’d be great if you have any news…So many cool JB ROMs on XDA but I dont have the correct hboot :'(