Nexus 4 at Harvey Norman

This afternoon we received a tip from Ian Goh on Twitter advising that the Nexus 4 no longer appears on the Harvey Norman website. See for yourself — a search for the Nexus 4 reveals no listings whatsoever.

We’ve known that for the last week or so — in fact, pretty much since the Nexus 4 went on sale there — that Harvey Norman’s website has displayed virtually zero stock availability for the Nexus 4. Could this simply be an acceptance of reality? That is, no stock foreseeable for the next little while, thus let’s simply not advertise it for now?

We can’t be sure, but given what Harvey Norman have told us about their decision to stock and sell the Nexus 4, this seems unlikely to be a permanent thing, an end of the experiment if you will. We’ve been advised directly by Harvey Norman that they plan to have a second batch of stock come March 2013, and we’ve not heard any changes to that prediction.

Not only have LG told us that they have great hopes for the Nexus 4 being sold at Harvey Norman, but LG have also said — separately — that Nexus 4 stock should be increasingly available from Mid February, and we should start to see the impact of that in Australia very soon.

Let’s hope this disappearance from Harvey Norman is just a temporary thing, and the Nexus 4 returns to bricks and mortar availability soon.

Thanks: Ian Goh on Twitter.
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Elliot Kotis

And hopefully along with that some chargers here in Aus.


Called a store this morning and they had no idea it had been pulled. The clerk I talked to said it was still in the system and stock would be back in 15 days. The same goes for another store I called.

It’s fair enough that they pulled it, one store decided to take orders and as soon as stock arrives, it goes straight to orders and won’t even hit the shelves. They’ve stopped taking orders now too it seems because of extreme demand.


LG may have missed the boat with customers that have missed out on buying a Nexus. With the Samsung S4 and HTC M7 being announced shortly, people may be looking at other options for a phone that they will be able to get on release day


Perhaps they were fooling with SEO – list something incredibly popular, even if they won’t sell it. Brings site visitors.