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With wearable computing getting a large amount of press at the moment thanks to products such as the Pebble Smart Watch and confirmation that Samsung is working on a Smart Watch, coupled with continued rumours of an iWatch from Apple, it’s no surprise really that Google is also looking to expand it’s wearable computing portfolio of products, which currently consists of Google Glass.

The Financial Times is reporting that they’ve been advised by a person briefed on the project, that the Android team within Google is busy working on their own Smart Watch. Google is no stranger to the idea of a watch, having previously filed a patent in 2011 with the USPTO for a Smart Watch which included a flip up display and camera.

With the Android team working on this device instead of the Google X-Labs, we may see this product sooner rather than later; perhaps even as soon as Google IO this year. It will be interesting to actually see all these Smart Watches eventually arrive and see what benefits they can deliver.

Do you see a potential for an Android Smart Watch?

Source: Financial Times.
Via: TheVerge.
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Duncan Jaffrey

even if it’s a crap gadget I’ll buy one.

I may not wear it for long but I would have to have it


I like the idea of the Pebble better, I don’t wany yet another “smart” device, something that can run as a basic watch by itself and then have enhanced features when connected to a phone would be ideal… but who knows, maybe they will come up with something really special

Peter M

Does it support RSS feeds??

Andy D

I’m pretty sure we need to get some gauntlets up in here. That’s where wearable computing should go…

Daniel Tyson

YES!!!! GAUNTLETS!!!! I`m totally there.


Pipboy 3000.