We’re still waiting for the official word to come down from HTC on a launch date for the HTC One. But, we’ve just been advised that according to Telstras internal system the HTC One is due to go on-sale in Australia on the 23rd of April. No pricing or plan information has been assigned to the entry, we’re told but hopefully this shouldn’t be too far away.

With HTC themselves confirming delays due to a number of issues including problems sourcing the ‘Ultra-Pixel’ camera sensor we have been given no information on an actual release of the highly anticipated phone. HTC Australia and the Mobile Operators in Australia have not volunteered any plan or pricing information as yet, but we’re certainly watching.

Are you keen for the HTC One on Telstra or would you prefer it on another network?

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Better be 64GB with Telstra if no expansion


Why has HTC gone down the path of removing the MicroSD Card from most of their phones ? With the quantity they would buy, I would expect it wouldn’t cost them much more than a couple of dollars.

louise poultney

where is a good online help site. I have lost my time and weather bar from the home page, done the usual things to get it back but nothing is working.


Buy outright. But I’ll wait until they bring out the 64gb to us.

Adam Pinzone

Hopefully it includes the camera update 🙂

No One

Man, almost a month more to wait? 🙁


I still have my original smartphone – HTC Desire. Have been looking out for a new phone for 6 months or so now, and given that I’ll keep this for years too, I’m happy to buy it (outright) from whoever gets it first – in 64GB sans bloatware & network lock. If Telstra can deliver that, then I’ll consume! If not, I don’t think a few weeks longer will affect me… excited to finally upgrade though!

Damon Lewis

I don’t think sans bloatware and Telstra go together…

Paul Brew

i currently have a One X with Optus so i’ll buy the One outright from Harvey and stay with Optus :).

Sean Royce

Can’t wait to get off Optus man.

Zac Butler

buy it outright from somewhere cheaper dude


where can you get it cheaper?