The latest update to Google Chrome for Android has brought some new features, including password sync and form autocompletion using data you’ve previously entered. These changes have been available in Chrome Beta for Android for just shy of three weeks, now so their addition to the full release should come as no surprise.

As usual, Google have also added an array of bug fixes and performance improvements that make the latest version feel snappier and a little more responsive – you’ll recall that previous versions, while being functional, had some annoying bugs and performance issues that left a bitter taste for many, leading some to revert to the stock browser or investigate other alternatives from the Play store.


Have you returned to Chrome with the recent updates? Did you stay faithful during the hard times? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Chrome Blog.
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I’m on the S2 and have tried Chrome and Firefox Beta and they still suck compared to stock. Plus I’m not a fan of their camera and mic permissions

The stock browser has few bells and whistles but it loads, scrolls and zooms fast and just works. Everytime I try another browser, the sluggishness sends me back within minutes.
Btw, who creates the stock browser as there’s no branding on mine (S2)? Is it the manufacturer. I.e. Samsung in my case?

Geoff Fieldew

The stock browser is part of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) but is optimized by manufacturers for their specific hardware. In short, the stock browser is part of Android, except I think they ceased development on it around the time that Adobe stopped developing flash for Android. Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc grab it and make it work with their own version of Android.

That’s part of the story. If anyone would like to add to that I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I imagine there would be a wiki about it somewhere.


Wow right you are. I didn’t realise it was a Google browser. Found this cool link (can i post links?) and the comments there say it all:

Does the Nexus also come with stock browser or just Chrome?


I put up with a crashing bug on the GS2 for months until I finally got fed up with it and tried Firefox, haven’t been back to Chrome since, and don’t intend to unless Firefox gives me a reason to change.

Sean Royce

I thought it was just me that noticed how terrible Chrome is.


Matching the features that Firefox for android had from day one.