Today is the day that many Android users (and would-be Android users) have been waiting for. HTC’s much anticipated, and well reviewed Android flagship – the HTC One – for 2013 is due to hit the shelves (so to speak) of the major carriers today, and those of you who’ve pre-ordered will probably be receiving these handsets very soon.

While Ausdroid hasn’t yet reviewed the HTC One (rest assured, it’s coming soon) we believe that it is probably one of the best Android handsets you’ll see this year. It may even best the Samsung Galaxy S4 — indeed, from some of our contacts who’ve used both, we hear that the One is a formidable contender.

We’ve set out the available plans below, and we’d like to know your thoughts on whether the HTC One will be taking your fancy.

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With availability from each major carrier, your decision on whether to try the HTC One won’t really be influenced by availability or compatibility. With features like the Ultrapixel camera, great sound and a bright, crystal clear display, the HTC One sure looks like it’ll be a contender.

Let us know what you think.

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Wow, amazing that so many people are having trouble getting this phone… I walked into a JB store, and walked out 15 minutes later with one in my hand.


I want a black one! I went into Optus but they only had silver.

Does anyone know which providers or outright-sellers are selling it in black? I see Mobicity and Expansys are listing the black one…

senhor r

It’s so pretty. Does not skip a beat. Beautiful screen. No lag. Awesome camera. Worth the wait.


And the delays @ Harvey Norman are pissing a lot of people off.. including myself.


I know how you feel! I’m waiting on Harvey Norman as well!


Picked mine up from HN Knox city this morning

Steven Lehmann

Got it at 11:30am today from Optus, I was very surprised it even arrived today. First impressions on Optus are good so far.


Anxious to get my hands on the One, but only interested in the 64gb version. Could be a long wait. Any word on its expected arrival date?

Sean Royce

Damn, this thing is gonna sell out so quick.


I m a Vodafone customer & got this fone yesterday, amazing phone with great speakers, camera, design and UI. Hats off to HTC for making a true Smart phone excelling in all departments.


The Telstra “deals” give you a free wireless charger when the HTC One supposedly doesn’t support wireless charging? /facepalm

Andy D

Sure that’s not the Lumia 920? The HTC One gets free Beats Solo headphones through Telstra, the Lumia 920 gets a wireless charger.


I’m aware of the Beats Solo headphones promo, but when you click on the link in the article for the Telstra plans it shows their deal as offering a free wireless charger. But I think you may be right and they may have just mixed it up with the Lumia 920.


Just played with one …pardon the pun and well its let down by its heaverly skin ui …bar that its nice but I would to play with the s4 too


Really wish Telstra would give a little more data on their plans…

Sean Royce

Telstra rip you off man, that much is obvious.

No One

What company doesn’t?

Sean Royce

So true.



No One

Have been waiting for this phone since the launch of Droid DNA in US but I am very disappointed with HTC. No 64GB as advertised, Black variant only available through Telstra. S4 is going on sale from 27/4 so I will buy it instead, even though it doesn’t have aluminium body.

Andy D

Mine is onboard for delivery according to an SMS I received .. don’t think I’ll get home today though in time to make it to the post office. Disappoint. 🙁

Sujay Vilash

At least you are getting yours. I ordered mine through MobiCity on 4th of April and they sent me an email on Friday saying their deliveries had been delayed till start-to-mid May. If you are disappointed, then I am absolutely peeved.

Rauf Bektashi

I also ordered HTC One though MobiCity. They wrote in email i got from them 18 April:
“…Our buyers are getting mixed ETA from HTC due to widespread component delays that have affected all channels, particularly outright so we have set a conservative ETA of the 29th. We’re still hoping to ship before that but will keep you updated. Alternate models are available so please contact us should you wish to make a change…”

Sujay Vilash

I also got that email. So I called HTC to find out what the go was. HTC told me that they did have a supply problem but that problem has now been solved. They even went as far as saying that their wholesalers have plenty of stock. I asked MobiCity who their wholesalers are so I could get HTC involved and they flatly refused to tell me who the wholesaler was. Good business decision but not a very customer centric one. I have now been told my ETA is 10th of May. Not long to go now, i hope.


I understand your frustration. I to ordered the new HTC ONE on April 10th and it is now May 14th and still not phone!!!! I cannot believe this as it has been over a month and was told the phone would be shipped well before now. I dam hope I receive this phone before the end of this month.

Sujay Vilash

Hey Tom. Have patience. I got my phone on Friday and believe me when I say it is worth waiting for. Btw, who did you buy from ?


Another small delay for Telstra customers who ordered the Stealth Black. Apparently they didn’t receive the stock on time and hopefully will be sent out by Friday 26th. Although they are giving a free screen protector and case for the inconvenience.