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With the launch tonight of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, ebay has advised that Australian Galaxy S 3 owners appear to be preparing to get their hands on the latest Samsung flagship.

Ebay reports that they have seen an increase in the amount of listings for the Galaxy S 3 with ‘roughly 65,000 listings for the S3 and its accessories’ in the days leading up to the launch of the Galaxy S 4. The interest in the Galaxy S 3 is also prevalent with 235,000 searches being run on eBay for that handset alone in the first three months of 2013.

Megan English, EBay Trend Watcher said: “Whilst it’s not an exact science, the more listings for older models of phones on eBay in the days before the expected release of its successor is a good indication of its popularity.”

With 100,000 mobile phones and over 2.5 million accessories purchased by Australians in the first three months of 2013 alone, EBAY is certainly a good indicator of trends in terms of anticipation for a device. eBay has also noticed this trend with the iPhone previously in the leadup to the launch of their new phone.

We’ll know a lot more about the launch of the Galaxy S 4 after tonights launch . Make sure you let us know if you have questions about the Galaxy S 4 which we can try to get answered at the event.

Are you selling your Galaxy S 3 to get a Galaxy S 4? Is ebay your preferred method?

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well I’ve been informed that the launch has been delayed due to major flaw, one big enough to actually have it blacklisted on a mobile network…I haven’t seen anything to say it’s actually being released this week from anyone…

Sean Royce

What flaw?


well the release is supposed to be this week yes? has any carrier said they are releasing it with indications of dates or plans… usually there is some leak… but yes, my information says black listed, meaning to can’t just go buy the device and use it… it won’t work


all I know it’s the flaw is major… and blacklisting is a big thing

Sean Royce

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sean Royce

Man, people are wasting their money, the things marketing does. The S3 is still a nice phone.

Adam P-nut Passano

i just traded my evo lte for the gs3.. this is my first samsung device.. im really thinking about selling my gs3 for the gs4.. figure if i sell my gs3 for 200-250 ill only need to pay like 300-350 so that really not that bad 🙂

Tin Tran

I’ll buy the GS3 off you for $200