Here we go again: another phone from Samsung brings another claim of patent infringement from Apple. While the issue Apple has with the Galaxy S4 is essentially the same as they had with the Samsung Galaxy S III and only required an amendment to the existing claim, this amasses a total of 5 direct patent infringement notices against the Galaxy S4. The technical details of the actual patents are quite in-depth but basically breaks down to behaviour of the device with swipe gestures and software setups.

What has intrigued a number of tech journo’s and legally minded individuals is the fact that the latest amendment includes the Google Now application on the Galaxy S4 which is, to date, the closest Apple have gone to having a direct swipe at Google themselves. The unified search function inside Google Now is what Apple have taken exception to, so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out. Surely Google will have some search patents in their bag of tricks to offensively protect themselves from Apple’s continued claims.

While the outcome is without doubt months, potentially years down the track it’s going to be interesting reading during the trial.

Does Samsung have a case to answer? Will Apple take on Google nose to nose? Have you simply had enough of these patent wars? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: FOSS Patents.
Via: Android Community.
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Unless Apple sung included the allegedly patent-infringing features/components from the S3 on the S4, knowing that Apple would add the new phone to the existing lawsuit. I don’t think Samsung did this because they’re stupid. I think Samsung did this because they know that, even if the verdict is unfavourable; by the time the suit settles, Samsung will have made enough money on the S3 and S4 to make it well worth the trouble. In the meantime, Apple continues to lose face in market and Samsung (and other OEM’s) continue to benefit. Unless Apple start innovating again, I see a… Read more »


in a kids game of football, when one team is losing 10-0 and there is less than half the game yet to be played. The intentions of playing to win, fade away as they play like dogs and do whatever they can to detriment the opposition.


Isn’t the FOSS guy paid by M$, will have to read the source so I don’t waste any time reading rubbish from that guy. Do you have a real source other than the FOSS guy? I can’t see anything on yet.


Apple is really desperate now. Even the media is saying they will be irrelevant within 5 years. Todays news, Google buys power company developing green energy systems, Apple adds to its lawsuits..


Yet Apple allows Google Now on its phones. If it was so upset with it why allow it

Phil Tann

They can’t actually block Google from putting apps on their phone, that would fall under restriction of trade and probably breach the monopolisation laws in the USA which would result in more B.S litigation on both sides.