Samsung Galaxy Gear update

The Samsung Galaxy Gear will be getting an update  that boosts its functionality by quite a magnitude. Previously, getting notifications on the Gear was limited to Samsung apps, and the choice was quite meagre. A new Gear Manager update will combine with a software update that is coming soon for the new features to work.

It would appear that Samsung was aware of the short comings of its Galaxy Gear, as the new update brings support for all of your favourite  apps. A More Notifications page has been added, from which you simply pick which app or notification that you would like to receive on the Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

From twitter to WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts, Google Now, weather, eBay – or any app. This brings the Gear into line with what users of the Sony SmartWatch 2 can receive – when they install Augmented SmartWatch Pro.

The Gear Manager update should be available in the Samsung Apps Store – so head over there to make your Galaxy Gear a far, far more useful device.

Have you received this update to your Galaxy Gear? How is it? Let us know in the comments!

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Tamer Soliman

Anyone know when the firmware update will be released in Australia?


Have you tried Kies? See if there is an update for your phone – that’s just a stab in the dark – I don’t have a Gear.

Tamer Soliman

I tried kies over the weekend and there are no available updates as yet. Thanks anyways.


This update doesn’t yet bring the Samsung smartwatch into line with the Sony offering, as the Samsung smartwatch is still criplingly restricted to pairing with only a few select Samsung devices.


Quite true Jeni, and the Sony watch is water resistant!


You’ll need a firmware update to take full advantage.
I’ve installed the latest UK Gear firmware via odin and it all works great.
The Gear has become much more useful now!


Does it work with non Samsung phones yet?


What version do you have????


I do have plenty of options there like Hangouts. But all Gmail still as before.


I have the same but do you update only the Samsung manager or also the gear software watch?


I updated the Gear Manager and then attempted to update watch from within. It says it is already the latest software.


Ok thanks, only another question. What’s is the app that appear in your picture. Whatsapp+ where can I download?


Received an update but no ability to read GMail at this moment. Doh!


My version is the latest 1.5.111304 but I don’t have the More Notifications option, nor access to GMail.

All Star IT

i just got 1.5.111304 update a few days ago and i can now see the more notifications part. i couldn’t see the more notifications option either but then i went into notifications in Gear Manager it was at the bottom turned off.
When this update occurred it did a firmaware update on the Gear and had the Android logo to show it was updating.