Samsung Gear-Note3 Software Promo
Samsung has just begun a promotion to try and entice more customers into purchasing a Galaxy Gear with their Galaxy Note 3, offering up to $550 worth of bonuses when you purchase both from either the Samsung Experience store in Sydney or Melbourne.

The offer which includes $550 worth of offers from Quickflix, The New York Times, Navigon, EasilyDo, Dropbox as well as Samsung services like Samsung Music Hub and Samsung Learning began yesterday and runs through till the 12th of June. To qualify for the bonuses, you’ll need to either purchase the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear outright or on a contract with an Australian carrier from an AllPhones run Samsung Experience store.

For more information you can check out the Terms and Conditions – which actually appear to be from an older promotion – or contact the Samsung Experience stores in Sydney or Melbourne.

It’s a bit of a bonus if you happen to live near to these Experience stores and are thinking of purchasing a Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, but there’s not a terribly large amount of incentive to actually seek a store out, unless you use any of the services on offer already.

Source: Samsung Promotion.
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Lots of Subscriptions, hoping you’ll start paying when their time is up.
I’m not a fan of signing up for more monthly payments. I have enough bills as it is.


This ‘giveaway’ is is an F-U to the majority of Australia, as according to the article, it’s only available at the 2 bricks and mortar Samsung stores, and not at the Samsung desks at the DSE branches which have them.


And again with the negative comments, be thankful they get anything at all and really if you are not buying one what do you care ? Samsung could have been like Apple and just upped the price and said screw you.


Maybe you think that your ranting and hyperbole make you look intelligent or something, but trust me, it doesn’t.


mother superior school teacher is getting a bit much, tired of every single story having another comment from Jeni, frankly I don’t come back here as much because of her. The negative crap and spelling checks are just pathetic. Nothing ever makes Jeni happy.


Until the last sentence in the second paragraph was straightened out, the offer only seemed to be available at the bricks and mortar Samsung Experience stores. Because of that, I regarded the offer as Samsung saying F-U to the majority of Australia.
That was definitely not the case.
However, I’m still not happy that the offer isn’t available at the branches of DSE with a Samsung desk.


Dan, check the second paragraph, it looks like it’s half heatedly merged three sentences.