Since the inclusion of SMS into Google Hangouts, there’s been a little bit of angst suffered by users with the SMS and MMS side of things, but this may change from today, with Google rolling out an update to Hangouts, which is said to bring fixes to both services.

While the update from version 2.0 to 2.0.3 is short, it does seem to look as if it will help alleviate the issues some users have been experiencing when either trying to SMS or receive or send MMS :
What’s New

  • More fixes for sending/receiving MMS
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some from sending SMS longer than 160 characters

Google has been rolling out updates to their Apps as staged rollouts – helpful when the install base is sometimes in excess of 50 million installs – and the Hangouts update is no different. Keep checking the Play Store for updates or as usual, the APK is available at a few places around the net, but these days, you’re better off trusting the Play store for updates of Apps.

Did you experience SMS & MMS Issues under hangouts? Have you received the new update and has it fixed these issues?

Source: Hangouts Google Play.
Via: Android Central.
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Still has the Smileys as the default instead of the enter button, still waiting till I can swap them.


Still waiting for sms integration with Chrome, and synced notifications across devices. DeskSMS and the likes have been doing it for over a year. Come on Google…you know its possible. Hopefully you’re just holding out for the next version of android??


Yeah this. I never came across any bugs in it but I really would like a) a unified inbox (for SMS, MMS, Hangout chats, video calls, etc) and b) synchronised info across my devices.


Needs themes and integrated chats etc
Google’s apps are so dull.


Hasn’t fixed the sms/mms issue 🙁


What is the SMS/MMS issue? I’ve not really experienced any notable problems on my N5.

Bob Peterson

You can only send 1 photo


Ahhh yes I see.


I’d love to amalgamate my SMS and Hangout messages into one conversation; maybe differentiate themselves by colour.

Mitchell Smith

As much as it pains me to admit it, iPhone has the best default SMS system by far. Seemlessly swaps between iMessage and SMS based on whether you’re connected by data or not and it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is on data or SMS.

Google needs to replicate this functionality.


Ouch!! You’re dead right and I was (poorly disguised evidently) getting at that.

Totally agree with Sean about desktop integration too,

Mitchell Smith

That’s where they could really cement their product as being superior to Apple’s. Universal desktop access. For the Hangouts part you already have that. Man, imagine being able to start a conversation on your home computer, continue at as you commute to work/school on your phone and then bring it right up again on your computer at work. That’s the dream.


Is this why when I get text messages from iPhones, sometimes they come through as mms (message shows up with a play button and progress bar even though it does nothing) and sometimes normal sms?