Woolworths - Dreamworks Heroes
It’s the weekend, you’ve probably been out shopping and at some stage been past a supermarket. If so, then invariably your kids have accosted you to spend in round $20 amounts to score one of the new Dreamworks Animation collector cards that are being given away for a limited time. This promotion is now backed up by an Android app with some neat features.

If by some chance you have no idea what this is about, last year Woolworths ran a promotion that gave away a pack of 4 collector cards with Australian animals printed on them for every $20 spent in their stores. Problems arose when the albums they were selling to store the cards in were pulled due to offensive words in the word jumble. The albums re-appeared eventually after Woolworths re-printed them, but not before Albums began showing up on listed with extortionate pricing.

Woolworths followed up with a shorter series with baby animals around Christmas, but this new promo pairs the concept with the successful Dreamworks Animation characters and expands into additional merchandise – soft toys, colouring in books, cups and don’t forget all those Dreamworks movie DVDs. Up to speed now?

With the Dreamworks Animation Heroes Collector Card promo, Woolworths has gone all in. The cards which feature lenticular printed images of characters from Dreamworks movies, can be used to play a board game, and the albums – which are plentiful in the stores – are full of word jumbles and activities (child friendly this time) and there’s an Android (and iOS) app to go along with it.

The app promises to bring the cards to life with augmented reality options. Kids can either scan the card or the Hidden Heroes sticker on the floor of Woolworths store to bring their character up on-screen which kids can then have their photo taken with. Opening the app every day will allow unlock a Hero a day, but they can also be found on the woolworths.com.au/heroes website.

There’s a whole board game (remember those?) that Woolworths have created around the Dreamworks Animation Heroes promotion and the app can also help here. Open the app and you can access a secret DreamWorks Heroes Dice animation to play the board game with.

This promotion is obviously making Woolworths executives giggle with delight, while parents deal with children demanding more and more of the cards – remember for this promotion you get 1 card for every $20 spent, rather than the 4 cards for $20 from the last promotion – so be careful before you even show your kids this promotion. But more than likely they already know about it due to the TV advertising that’s showing up already.

Have fun with the app, and heck, swap your doubles with other Ausdroiders in the comments.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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    Wonder when we’ll see Woolworthless do DreamWorks Villains?