Yatango 4G
After the rumoured launch of 4G on Yatango surfaced last month, Yatango has been emailing their customers to advise the service is now live.

The Yatango network of course runs on the Optus network, and the existing 3G coverage will not change. With any new network changes, you are best off checking the coverage maps to see if your normal day to day travel is covered.

A 4G phone is of course required to use LTE, so if your phone doesn’t have the correct hardware you’re stuck on the 3G network. But if it’s about time to upgrade, you can check out the range of devices – which includes both tablets and phones – available on the Yatango devices page. Yatango has access to a pretty good lineup of devices including the Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 for pretty competetive prices, they’re unlocked and can be delivered for $17 per handset.

If you do have a 4G enabled phone, and have simply been waiting for Yatango to ‘flip the switch’, then you can follow some simple steps to enable 4G on your plan now :

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Go to ‘Account Settings’
  3. Click ‘Activate’ next to Activate 4G Data.
  4. Check that 4G is enabled on your device settings. And voilá! Hello 4G!

While 4G is lovely, it allows you to use data quickly. Yatango has announced they have updated their data measurments to count per KB as opposed to per MB. This means a more accurate track of your download total.

If you’re interested in Yatango, check out their plans, devices and more over on their webpage and see what you think.

Source: Yatango.
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Hey guys,

I want to select a new carrier from one of these virtual networks: Vaya, Live connected, and Yatango.

I know that 4G on the firs two is post-paid (therefore, more challenges for cancelling your service), and the Yatango’s 4G service is prepaid.

Can anyone suggest one of these? The Productreview.com.au suggest Yatango could be better, but I thought it would be good to also hear from the users of Ausdroid.


Surely their pricing is a joke? For the same features as my $25/month Vaya plan, they charge $67! It’s the same damn network!


Agreed and vaya has had 4g for ages. Sure they bill per MB but you get 1.5gb which is plenty for me, just turn off app updates on mobile data and all good. I pay 18 a month and it more than covers my needs.