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Whilst we all wait eagerly for more information about the impending launch of Motorola’s second smart watch, Moto 360, which was announced over 2 months ago, reports are emerging that the company will launch the product during Google’s I/O 2014 event on June 25th.

Sources close to the Moto 360 project have told Le Journal du Geek that the smartwatch will make its debut launch at Googles I/O event on the 25th June at the Moscone West conference centre in San Francisco, with the sources also suggesting that the Moto 360 will have a retail price tag of €249 (or around AUD$368.13) with the smartwatch to be sold from early July.

Commentators are stating that with this price tag, it puts the Moto 360 in competition with Samsung’s Tizen operated Gear 2 smartwatches, although the main differences are that the Moto 360 isn’t able to take pictures or make calls.

It is also worth to point out that with this price point, the Moto 360 is also much more expensive than LG’s similarly Android Wear-based smartwatch – the LG G Watch, which will launch in June with an expected price tag of €199 (or AUD$294.24).

It will be interesting to see if Motorola do launch the Moto 360 at Google’s I/O 2014 event. We here at Ausdroid will be bringing you all the news and latest Android & Chrome goodness as it happens at I/O.

Source: GSM ArenaLe Journal du Geek.
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Hrmm…to sell or not to sell the Pebble Steel.


I won’t be keeping my Pebble once the Moto 360 is available. No comparison between the two. One is so 2013. One is so 2020.


i don’t think it will be that much. Look at the price of phones etc, the Euro price is never a straight conversion to the US price. The US price tends to be a lot less than the conversion.

But mark me down for 1 please 😀


I’d love an NFC option that will, for instance, return the missed call (shown on your watch) just by placing the phone on top of the watch face…
Or a gesture to clear the quick info screen back to the clock screen with a wave of the hand and vice verca.

i agree though, $360 is a bit to fork out… I’ve seen Versace and Prada watches for less.
Still keen to see what is to become of this tech.


Hopefully the 360’s build quality alone will make it worth the price. If it feels like a dress watch (especially with the metal band option), but with a second screen to my phone, I am there

Craig Muldoon

Other difference with the Gear is that that you don’t need to be running a Galaxy with this. Over $300 is fairly pricey, I don’t care about taking photos or phone calls, but $360 may price me out.

Alexei Watson

or around AUD$368.13

Moto $360

I’m pretty keen to see this working though. If it has it’s own in device GPS (for running) and is slim enough, I could be sold.