Nexus Accessories
Google has upped their game in the last year or so with accessories for Nexus devices. We’re a lot better off than we were, but it seems, it could get better. Android Police have published a rumour which shows Google could be about to launch a customisable accessory store offering cases and live wallpapers for the Nexus 5.

Under the name ‘Workshop’, the accessory store rumour comes with pictures of the interface, which will apparently allow you to customise a case based on two types: Map with Me or Moments.

Workshop - Cases and Live Wallpaper

Map with Me will be a location based option which will allow you to show a location on your case, before helping you to choose ‘location-specific tweets or weather’ for your live wallpaper. The Live Wallpaper will also apparently include ‘interactive touches’, but apparently there’s no further information on what these will be.

Workshop - Map With Me

Moments is based on a selection of photos from your PC or Google+ Photos. You can choose one for the case before packing more into a Live Wallpaper. There may be options to bring in labels and more for the photos you choose.

Workshop - Moments

It’s an interesting rumour, but not necessarily one that will go ahead. Google is well known for trying stuff out, but never releasing it. Exactly how feasible it is for Google to flesh all this out and build out infrastructure for a customisable service for a phone which if history repeats, will be replaced at the end of October.

Head on over to Android Police to check out more screenshots of how the service will go about creating the wallpapers, and let us know what you think: Will it be released for the Nexus 5 or is Google setting this up for a new Nexus?

Source: Android Police.
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Which suggests that the Nexus 5 still has a decent life ahead of it…


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