Samsung UNPACKED 2014 Episode 2
After SamMobile put up, then took down their post aannouncing an invite to a September 3rd event at IFA, possibly at the behest of the Korean Big Blue, it seems it’s all ok now. Samsung has just publicly announced their ‘Samsung UNPACKED 2014 Episode 2’ event, which will be held in three locations across the globe, in Berlin, Beijing and New York.

Samsung is already playing cheeky with the invite, as usual hinting what the announcement will be, asking press to ‘Note the date’, of course hinting that the Galaxy Note 4 will see the light of day at the event. The event kicks off at 15:00 CEST – which equates to 11pm on the 3rd of September, Australian Eastern Time, and like all Samsung events previous, it will be streamed live through the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel.

Join in on the 3rd of September to see what Samsung has in store, maybe we’ll do it live from the event one year.

Source: Samsung.
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Yianni soc

11pm on 3rd September may mark the end to the very brief love affair with my LG G3…


That was quick…..dont u like the G3

Yianni soc

Love the G3!
Have always wanted a Note (for the stylus mostly), and have always kicked myself 6 months after the Notes are released for not getting one.
This time might be my time!