Lollipop is so close you can almost taste the sugary goodness, with that the last of the major Google apps are getting their Material design makeover. This morning the Calendar app is also getting a material design makeover and there’s some interesting new features arriving as well.

The first update is the Events from Gmail integration which now checks through your email and automatically imports data from emails received when you book a flight, buy concert tickets, or make a hotel reservation. The flight number, check-in time etc are all automatically added to the calendar entry. The calendar will automatically update if a change is noted as well.

01_Comp (2)

Google is also adding Assists to the Calendar app which introduces auto-complete for titles, people and places as you type:

If you live your life in your calendar, you’ll also enjoy the new ‘Schedule View’. Google has added graphics to your events – from maps and cityscapes of places you’re going, to illustrations for events. It also has a month view in tablet mode.

04_tablet (1)

The new Google Calendar app for Android:

Google will roll out the new calendar to all devices running Android 4.1+, but it’s going to push out today to devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. It will hit Google Play in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for it.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
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Source: Gmail Blog.
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    Unfortunately Google has now made A CALENDAR useless. (The Aztecs are all rolling in their graves) I work a 7 day rotating roster which is a bit of a problem when Google only gives you 5 days to choose from. I don’t care about tablet mode or landscape or “3d Googlespheres”, I just want my old Google calendar that I could use on my phone without doing gymnastics. The month view is well, Horrid. It just shows a Month view on the top part of the screen and buries all your info beyond the bottom of the screen. My final… Read more ยป