Those of us that got an invite and bit the bullet on the Oneplus haven’t been disappointed with the hardware, but the software has been a late Beta at best until the last update that resolved the Touchscreen issues. There have been a few persistent issues recently, one being a memory leak causing screen artifacts which can be resolved with a simple reboot. Another being a WiFi stability issue which is frustrating to say the least if you’re streaming music!

Great news is that Oneplus have started rolling out the CM11S 44S build as an OTA Update. For Australian users lucky enough to have their hands on the device, the issues you’ll see resolved are

  • Fixed issues with memory causing screen artifacts
  • Fixed issues with random reboots and instability
  • Fixed issues with WiFi and modem crashes
  • Fixed issues with Filesystem
  • Fixed issues with “black bar”
  • Fixed issues with persist partition corruption

As usual it’s a staged roll out which means that they’ll release it slowly to various regions step by step. Hold on, the updates are coming; slowly and steadily. The last two updated have been very big steps in making the Oneplus a realistic daily driver for users and if this latest update does deliver the promised resolutions; I’d say we’re finally there!

Do you believe the Oneplus is ready for “average users” to use as a daily driver?

Source: Oneplus Forums.
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This is all good news. I love my Nexus 5 but the battery life is getting to be ridiculous, with charging needed at least twice a day. Not sure I want to make the jump to the screen size of the Nexus 6, so the OnePlus is looking like a great option.

Adrian Mace

Do you believe the Oneplus is ready for “average users” to use as a daily driver? My girlfriend has been using hers since I snapped up an invite last month. She absolutely loves it. It’s a fast phone, with minimal bloat and some nifty features. She loves the touch gestures and the fact that the phone itself is so unique and can always start a conversation based on it’s looks alone. What’s more, I didn’t teach her a thing about it. She learnt it all herself (especially the touch music gestures when the screen is off) using only the device’s… Read more »

Darren Ferguson

These sound like pretty serious issues but they must only affect a small amount of people. Every article I see about OnePlus on the web has a bunch of people in the comments defending them.

Phil Tann

I agree, Scott had the touchscreen issue: I didn’t
I’ve had the artifacts and WiFi issue: Scott hasn’t.

The experience is very different for each user, I’ve had a very good experience other than the WiFi mainly. I’d recommend the phone to someone looking for a big phone.


I must have got a dud. I’ve had all the major bugs 🙁 Hanging out for the N6!

Damien Xenos

I held off on the 38R update not wanting to ruin a good thing. The one issue I had is that I had an issue with pinch to zoom after the update. On a reboot this is fixed. I now get 4 days usage vs 2 days. This phone is awesome except for the size vs screen ratio.