Facebook Groups are something that not every Facebook user might use, but they’re very handy if used well. I use Facebook groups to network professionally, to stay in touch with the local SES Unit, and to stay in touch with old friends. People use groups for everything, and to try and give the function a little more prominence, Facebook has decided to split off Facebook Groups into its own app.

When you load the app, you can see a list of all the Facebook Groups you’re a member of. Groups that you use more frequently are shown first, and lesser used groups later. Creating groups, managing notifications, and interacting with groups is all easy and intuitive, and just that little bit quicker now that you can access them directly through an app, rather than clicking through the Facebook app.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Let us know if you use Groups regularly, and if this app helps you out! I’m looking forward to it myself.

Source: Facebook Groups.
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    Paul Moss

    I didn’t care for this when I read about it, but after using it I have to say that it was a great idea.

    Fiddle Castro

    G+ FTW!


    ☭☭☭Google is


    ☭☭☭☭{Go to next link in this site for info of work—–


    Ok, so ‘look at Facebook in the browser’ it is.