When it comes to product delays, Samsung Australia has had a pretty bad run in the last couple of months. The Note 4 and Note Edge were both delayed, and now Samsung Australia has advised that the virtual reality headset, the Gear VR will also be delayed.

Originally scheduled to launch last month, and now on-sale in the US, the Gear VR will finally arrive in Australia next year. Samsung Australia has issued the following announcement :

Samsung Electronics Australia wishes to advise that the Gear VR on-sale date has been revised to early 2015. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Gear VR will be $249 when it goes on-sale, with Telstra the only carrier to announce they would carry the headset. Samsung will also sell the headset, which is only currently compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 in their Samsung Experience stores and ‘other retailers. We’re currently looking at the Note 4 and we hope to get a look at the Gear VR shortly.

Did you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Are you going to purchase the Gear VR?

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Just been advised by Samsung that Australia will be getting the Gear VR in Q3 2015. Stock must be allocated to the deal they completed with Qantas (Trialing the headsets in first class).


Yep, I bought the Note 4 Specifically for the Gear VR. It’s a little frustration that we have to wait till next year. I doubt very much that there will be a quality upgrade because of the wait as it’s already selling in the US meaning that all quality checks have been done. Sounds more like a supply issue. Maybe it’s a little more popular than first expected.


I bought a Note 4 and can’t (read, now have to) wait to buy the Gear VR. If the wait means better end quality then, so be it.


Yes, I actually emailed SESGeorgeST about this a few days ago and they replied the device is TBC for release date.