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Well, 2015 lays before us – actually, today is nearly over. We thought we’d take a moment to stop and reflect on the year that was from Ausdroid.

2014 was massive for us. We had some bloody big numbers last year, starting off with our overall page views, which reached a record high of 5,302,926 page views during 2014. We also had our biggest ever day with 40,161 page views in a single day. Our biggest performing post of the year, was a how-to guide on Accessing Netflix on your Chromecast.

We had some great achievements too. We’ve finally gotten organised (and brought a skilled developer on board) and pushed out our Ausdroid app – for the second time ;). It’s built using modern standards and design, and works really well. We’ve had almost 600 people install it since it launched just before Christmas, and we’ve no doubt that’ll grow now we’re in the new year.

Earlier in 2014, we were nominated for a Lizzie Award for journalism for the second time in the Independent Media category, and received a Highly Commended (always the bridesmaid!), and we were also accepted into Google News, which could arguably be the bigger achievement (and more beneficial for Ausdroid).

We have some big plans for 2015, we are trying to actually make it to one of the big trade shows to bring you the news first-hand. After a few of Ausdroid’s writers stepping away due to other commitments, the Ausdroid team is fairly lean at the moment, and we’re definitely on the lookout for a couple of extra hands to help us ensure coverage. Are you interested? Get in touch.

It’s important to remember that we are a community site, so we’re totally dependent on you, the readers. We love getting your comments – and TIPS – so keep that up, but we also love it when you share our work to Reddit, Google+, Facebook or your favourite forum or news site, so keep that up too. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, and follow us – and recommend us to your friends – on all the social media channels, we’re on most of them even, Pinterest.

We thank each and every one of you and we’re going to do our best to keep up the best Australian Android site out there. So, from all of us, to all of you, a big thanks and let’s make 2015 a big one.

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    I come here for your local info. What our carriers are doing. What and when phones are being released here. Nurture those contacts. You do that pretty well.


    I’m really happy with the merging of Auschrome and Ausdroid, and seeing more Chrome related news recently, as I’m heavily invested in the entire Google ecosystem, not just android (as I’m sure all the staff and readers are) so kudos for that one guys. I wouldn’t mind seeing more news about software leaks/updates, for example, there was recently a lollipop leak for the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 which is the model sold in Australia, bit I don’t think it was reported here (could be wrong) but all in all I love the site and keep it up.

    Dennis Bareis

    Some feedback then: Given you are an Australian site I’d like to see useful Australian Apps reviewed, they can be hard to find. There should be a dedicate apps page(s) on your site with apps categorized.

    I’ll start the list with “WikiCamps Australia”.


    Another 3 for the list: Pocket Weather and Pocket Casts, and WhirlDroid.

    Dennis Bareis

    Just found WhirlDroid a few hours ago, almost makes using Whirlpool pleasant!

    Daniel Tyson

    Already reviewed all three Jeni :
    Pocket Weather:
    Pocket Casts:
    – We’ve also kept reporting on changes to Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather as they’ve been updated


    Dan, I know Ausdroid keeps folks up to date on those 3 apps.
    I was simply saying that they definitely deserve a place in the proposed Aussie Apps category.

    Daniel Tyson

    We’ll definitely look into adding an Australian App category, but we’ve certainly been trying to cover Australian apps, in fact we’ve covered quite a few.

    I looked at WikiCamps a while ago, but the $7.99 IAP scared me off.