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We all know that Chromecast has been one of the success stories of 2014; millions of users worldwide have bought the sub-$50 device to get their content from their phones, tablets and computers into the loungeroom and onto the TV. Google goes as far as quoting the device as being used in 27 countries, and average usage per device has increased 60% since the initial launch due to new features and people discovering what the devices can do.

Today, Google has gone a step further and announced Google Cast for Audio, which embeds that same Chromecast technology into speakers, sound-bars and A/V receivers. Working in the same fashion, users can simply tap the cast icon to throw their music to a Cast Ready speaker or system and share the tunes.

Just like Chromecast, compatible receivers pull content directly from the cloud, so once the music is started, your phone or tablet is free to do whatever it wishes, or it can even be switched off or leave the area, and the music will continue to flow. Existing apps — Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Rdio and TuneIn — are already compatible.

The first Google Cast Ready speakers will be available soon from Sony, LG and HEOS by Denon, with more brands coming on board later in the year. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of these.

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$10 HDMI to VGA/Audio adapter and a chromecast. Works today and you don’t need to buy new speakers.


Hopefully Bluetooth is built in also to give users options, otherwise they may become white elephants like iPhone docks.


So this means the speaker needs to be connected to the internet to cast the audio. I would prefer if it could be used off line and stream music directly from my phone. I will be giving this a miss


All this cloud rubbish. I want to cast audio content from my NAS and have only been able to find third party apps to make it work…


My Synology NAS has the DS Audio app which does this pretty well if you’re interested. I learnt a few other ways off my old Aldi NAS too; it can be done.


I hope Google makes a Google Cast For Audio dongle for use with existing hone theatre receivers.

Having to buy separate Google Cast For Audio speakers, for home, just to use the service would be very annoying.

Julian Williams

Well provided that you have a Home Theatre Receiver with HDMI inputs then you could just use a Chromecast right now. There is nothing stopping you using a Chromecast without a TV connected and just audio only 🙂

Phill Edwards

That’s exactly what I do – plug the Chromecast into one of the receiver’s HDMI inputs. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I haven’t actually found the Chromecast to be the darling that everyone’s talking about. When I use Google Play All Access to play music over it through my receiver I find that it stops after a few songs and I get an message on the phone something like “Cannot play track”. When I connect to the receiver with Bluetooth I never have any issues. I’ve also had bad stuttering when playing a movie downloaded (not… Read more »


I occasionally get track skipping in Google Music also. Haven’t had any drama with movies/eps.


Best buy and online have a Bluetooth dongle for 10-30 dollars. Best buy one works great. Use it in my car. Plug into aux input.