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The lead up to the launch of the new HTC flagship, codenamed ‘Hima’ has been seeing a few leaks of late. We’ve seen some specs on the device courtesy of Bloomberg and some images via Nowhere Else which were subsequently taken down due to complaint made to their source via the supplier of the image; which suggests that the images could be legit.

Steve from Nowhere Else has posted an image to his twitter claiming to be a side by side comparison of the M8 vs the M9 highlighting some minor differences in the devices.

Could it be real, are we actually looking at the HTC One (M9) vs the HTC One (M8)?

Real or not, you be the judge. Share your thoughts with us on whether you think this is real, plausible or photoshop.

Source: Steve Hemmerstoffer Twitter.
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Hmm, looks like the speaker covers may be part of the body in the M9.


It just looks too similar to the M8 to me. It probably is legit, but I would have liked a slightly different design, something not so similar. Also the top speaker looks even smaller now and throws off the speaker symmetry that the M7 had.

IMO the M7 was their best designed device and it has been progressively going downhill since then. The square, samsung-esque camera at the back looks ugly too. Don’t know what happened to the HTC designers, but it looks like they’ve gotten complacent. Just dialing it in now.