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LG Australia has announced that it will bring the company’s VR for G3 headset (a plastic version of Google’s Cardboard VR headset custom-built for its G3 phone) to Australia in March.

VR for G3 was announced for the US earlier this week. It’s based on Google’s official Cardboard designs, so it’ll be compatible with anything that works with Cardboard. The design is specific to the G3, allowing access to its rear buttons. The company says it will made number of units will be made available to existing G3 owners and some new purchasers through selected retail partners in March.

The company also worked out a deal with the makers of Robobliteration to give the game to purchasers for free (saving a $1.18 purchase) – at least, in the US. We’ll see whether the deal will carry over to Australia.

There’s a growing number of ways to experience VR in Australia. Samsung’s Gear VR was released locally earlier this week, and Telstra experimented with 360-degree video for Sydney’s NYE fireworks at the end of the last year, distributing limited quantities of official Google Cardboard units in Australia for the first time.

If you miss out on a VR for G3 headset, there are other ways to get Cardboard – you can buy a set from places like Unofficial Cardboard, who sell an oversize model that’s suitable for larger devices like the G3, Nexus 6 and Note 4.

We’re expecting to hear more on the specifics of the Australian VR for G3 giveaway as we get closer to March.

Will you be trying to get a VR headset for your LG G3? Do you already use Google Cardboard? Tell us in the comments!

Source: LG (Global) Newsroom.
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Kabe H

I have Durovis Dive and this looks slightly more polished im excited to see this in action. Maybe i can con one out of our LG rep at work 😀 Wish me luck.


Just ordered a google cardboard. Whats the difference between google cardboard vs oculus rift or samsung’s VR for the note 4?

What am I losing by paying less than $30 for cardboard?


Not sure about about the occulus rift, but the gear VR has built in accelerator, gyrometer, geomagnetic and proximity sensors built in.


Awesome! I must have one for my G3!