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After announcing a brief delay to their homegrown Lollipop based OS for the OnePlus One late last month, OnePlus has today announced that the OxygenOS ROM is now ready to launch.

The update is ready for downloading from the OnePlus servers, and a full installation guide has been provided for those ready to drop the CyanogenMod 11S installation and head to the OnePlus built ROM. OxygenOS has been developed in-house by OnePlus with help from a number of developers from the Paranoid Android team.

In the blog post announcing the launch, co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei has stated that the OxygenOS ROM concentrates on ‘performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features’ so look out for great battery life on this new OS.

We’ve sicced our OnePlus One owners onto the OxygenOS ROM and expect some feedback from the team on the custom ROM shortly. We also expect to hear ore on the CyanogenMod 12S ROM which is currently undergoing certification at the moment – you can’t help but cynically think OnePlus has arranged to release their ROM first to get a leg up on installs though after their fairly public tiff with Cyangogen over the course of the last 6-months.

Still, it’s here, it’s ready to install, so get on over to the OxygenOS site and download and install it if you’re interested in this new update – get your Lollipop on.

Source: OxygenOSOnePlus Blog.
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It makes the phone a bit more desirable. Straight Android with some enhancements.

Let’s see what One Plus Two is like.

Sujay Vilash

If there is a OnePlus Two, let’s hope t is not sold on an invitation only basis …