We know that Android M is already a thing; it’s been announced and Daniel’s already taking a look at it on his Nexus 6. However, Android M is just an internal name (though it’s possible that it’s being also referenced as Android Macadamia Nut Cookie internally… though that name won’t make it to final release). However, as usual, eagle-eyed Redditors have taken to the Google IO 2015 keynote to pull it apart, and one of the Googlers on stage during the Android M discussion — Dave Burke, VP Engineering —¬†was spotted wearing an Android Wear watch with a picture of a milkshake on the screen.

Could Android Milkshake be the name of the next version of Android? Some are interpreting this as a sign that the answer is yes!

Of course, this could just be Google trolling us all, which it has kind of done before. We quite like the name Milkshake, so we hope it gets adopted for the final moniker.

Source: Reddit.
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Bootloops Anonymous

I reckon it’ll be Marzipan.


Wow! You guys have been busy! Thanks for providing us with all the updates. Any idea when they will officially unveil the name?


I’d consider everything a potential troll right now


The image shown in the “Shared links” tab of the new Photos app (when you haven’t shared anything) also looks suspiciously like a milkshake with 2 straws as well.


Definitely Google trolling. Google would expect people to see the watch. It’s too obvious. And if it was an accident, I believe they’d change the name anyway. With all the M possibilities, Milkshake is quite boring!


Apparently his watch switched between different M possibilities, so the milkshake means nothing. Marshmellow would be awesome, but there’s also Mars Bar, Milky Way, Macadamia, Mars Bar, Malt, M&Ms…


My first guess would be Meringue since L was rumoured to be Lemon Meringue Pie, although the slightly tricky spelling might put them off for search purposes.

Darren Ferguson

Mars Bars aren’t American I don’t think. M&M’s would be a good marketing thing.

Mint and Muffin are other possibilities.
I like the sound of Android Mint.